Six Flights O’Stairs

Yesterday I worked out to my Denise Austin tape, took out the trash and then decided to do more exercise in my building. There are six floors to my apartment, and I ran up all the stairs to the top. Then I either jogged or walked down the hallways of each floor until I got to mine. But that running up six flights…that took a bit out of me. By the time I got to the sixth floor, I had to catch my breath. But I did that as I walked down the hallways. Nothing like hearing a heavy breather walk past your apartment to remind you to stay indoors.

When I was done I took a shower, played on Facebook a little too much and then went to my room and decided to watch “Little Miss Sunshine” on my new gadget. I ordered a personal DVD player awhile back, my mom helped me pay for it for my birthday. It’s very cool, it plays CDs, MP3s AND DVDs – it has a little TV screen. Plays beautifully. So I plopped down on my bed and watched the movie until I was too tired to care what was going on and went to bed. It was so much easier to sleep last night.

Remember when I told you that my apartment was very hot during those hot spells? Well I wasn’t the only one feeling it in the apartment. I heard several people complain. Then on Monday night after I got home from choir, there were signs posted by some fed-up tenants that read, “Enough heat!!” or “Too hot!!” Stuff like that. I had some groceries, so I used the elevator and there was a sign in there saying, “Turn down the heat!” Someone else wrote “Hell yeah!” I wanted to join the cause, so I dug out a pen from my purse and added, “Amen!”

Yesterday evening the signs disappeared and it was so much more comfortable in the building. I could turn off most of my fans. Granted, it was cooler outside yesterday, but still there was a big difference inside, too. Hope it stays that way.


9 thoughts on “Six Flights O’Stairs

  1. Oh, man, I remember the running up and down the stairs! They were my least favorite workout during track and field training! They are hard and your legs will feel so sore and cramped after doing those a few times, not to mention your lungs about to explode. Great job on the exercise!

    I’m glad they fixed the a/c. That was funny how it sparked a mini protest, but it’s like they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so squeak away!

  2. I haven’t been able to run up a flight of stairs in a while (or down a flight of stairs, or across a street, or to my car, or anywhere, for that matter). I’m living vicariously! YAY! Keep running, Tara! :)

  3. Stairs are great exercise, but I’m sure possibly one neighbor was probably thinking, “What the heck is going on out there?”

    Were the tenants yelling at the ownership or Mother Nature?

  4. Churlita: Thanks I hope it stays fixed, it made such a difference!

    Eros: My lungs were definitely ready to explode once I hit the top floor! I did it again today, too. I’m sure it’ll get a little easier each time. I feel accomplished!

    K_sra: I will keep running! I did it again today – hope to keep that up.

    AlienCG: Probably! The running up the stairs and the Darth Vader-like breathing down the hallway.

    I think the tenants were yelling at the ownership – it was actually cooler outside than in our building.

    Seb: That’s right! I’m saving money already!

    Manuel: It really is – it’s hard to concentrate or even move around when it’s like that!

  5. haha! For some reason I am tickled by the thought of you breathing your way up and down the hallways of your building.
    I’m glad to hear your building management is so responsive to your rabble rousing ways. :-D Yay for cooler temps!

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