Yes You May

Hey everybody! It dawned on me that April is coming to an end quite rapidly now. So it is time for me to ask for some zany, wacky ideas from my bestest blog friends in the entire universe! I’m not just saying that to get you to post ideas. I speak/blog the truth!

Ideas are greatly appreciated, so if you have any just post them here in the comments section. Ah, you know what to do! Have fun.


8 thoughts on “Yes You May

  1. May 20 is Handsome Lad’s 12th birthday.

    What else? Hm.

    “Mother May I?” Day. Do something your mom wouldn’t approve of!

    I want to do something in honor of you taking such an interest in your goose friends. Has there been a Goose Appreciation Day recently? Or maybe something like Wildlife Photography Day!

  2. I have a few suggestions:

    1 May is Mother Goose Day (Tell your favorite and least favorite Mother Goose story and why)

    5 May is Cinco de Mayo (Eat a Mexican meal!)

    Since May is Asian Pacific Islander Month (I don’t know why these two groups were lumped in together), how about we celebrate both on separate days?

    6 May is Asian culture appreciation day (Enjoy Asian art, films, or food)

    7 May is Pacific culture appreciation days (Enjoy Pacific art, films, or food)

    21 May is the founding of the American Red Cross (Give blood; donate; or wear red)

  3. Suze: Ooo yeah!! There’s a Mexican restaurant near my apartment and every year during this time it gets crazy crowded.

    Laura B: These are great ideas again, thank you! I need to take some photos of a family of geese. Saw them yesterday with their goslings.

    Churlita: Definitely, that’s a good idea too! Thank you!

    Laura B.: I will do that, yes! Although she probably knows. but I’ll give her a gentle nudge.

    Eros: You’re just a fountain of holidays! Thank you, these will be added to da list!

  4. Does it have to be zany and/or wacky? How about bored day? Bout sums up my week so far. :)

    Also, Spring Showers Day is good almost any day in there.
    How about a Pregnant Ladies Appreciation Day (aka Mother’s day). Mine will be on the 9th. ;)

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