“Blame It On the [Heat], Yeah, Yeah.”

It was so hot yesterday, and the air conditioning couldn’t really catch up. So I dug out the big, industrial strength fan. Made such a difference.

Realized today that I have a ceiling fan I could’ve turned on too. Two of them, actually, one in the kitchen and the other in the dining room/office area. It was right over my head and it didn’t occur to me that I could use it.

I’m blaming my absentmindedness on the heat and humidity. It was cooler outside yesterday than it was in my apartment complex.


10 thoughts on ““Blame It On the [Heat], Yeah, Yeah.”

  1. Sounds like our weather from the beginning of last week moved your direction. I think a lot of things are eligable to be blamed on the heat, including absent mindedness. Approved. ;-)

  2. Churlita: Once I realized I had a functional ceiling fan, things cooled down much better and I turned off the loud, useless A/C.

    Seb: Good, thank you…So I can use that excuse? :)

    Laura B.: Yes, I think they were saying that too on the Weather Channel. Thank you for the heatwave – actually I wouldn’t have minded it so much if our apartment had been at a reasonable temp.

    Silver: If there’s a nice breeze blowing through the windows, that makes the heat easier, definitely. Not so stuffy.

    AlienCG: Well yeah I like the hot weather too, but not at night and not when my apartment is actually hotter than the temps outside. But they must’ve done something about it.

    Suze: Yeah, the AC barely stands a chance against hot, humid air.

    NoRegrets: People were leaving signs in our apartment building which read, “Enough heat!!”

    Manuel: I hope yours keeps running too, that would suck. When I first moved into my apartment we had a heatwave and the AC in my apartment WAS broken. They finally replaced it with the one I have now.

    Eros: Very true…I think I lost a few lbs during that time, all because of the heat. ;)

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