“Do I look like the mother of the future? I can’t even balance my checkbook.”

Okay, so last night I noticed that the geese were back, but something was weird. The nest was still there, but the mother was just standing around the nest. The husband was there as well and I thought, “Oh! Maybe the eggs are ready to hatch?” Then later on I saw that the mother was sitting back on the nest. Ah, things were looking up.

However, this morning I looked out and the nest was abandoned again. I heard honking, and the couple was standing farther away and then just flew off. There was something white in the grass next to the nest. I figured an animal got to the nest when it was left unattended.

I still worried I’d be attacked for getting near that nest. Eventually I gathered up my nerves and went out to investigate.

To be honest, I lost my nerves a bit as I stepped up to the nest, because the geese were back. I kept my eye on them, but they weren’t even approaching me, even as I got closer and closer to the nest. I looked down and the white thing I saw in the grass earlier was a whole egg, and in the nest were two more eggs!


They were all exposed and the couple didn’t seem to care. I walked away, still a little uneasy about the whole situation, and ventured over to the other side of the building toward the lake where lots more geese hang out. Geese galore, people.


I glanced over to one couple and the mother goose was sitting up. There was a nest under her too! She set up shop in a sink hole by the water. The husband was keeping a close eye on everything. I’m thankful for the zoom on my camera. I stood nearby (but not too near) quietly and took some snapshots of her.


Then another goose came too close and suddenly the male goose arched his neck and flew after the intruding goose. I figured that was my cue to get out of there as well.



13 thoughts on ““Do I look like the mother of the future? I can’t even balance my checkbook.”

  1. Oh, how exciting! I hope the eggs hatch, too. But if not, you did a very compassionate and wonderful thing. And you’ve shared that wonderful act of kindness with us! Excellent fotos! And I’m so glad your encounter with the geese was safe and you survived!

  2. Uhm, they’re dead. Sorry to be so callous, but the geese can tell when their eggs are non-starters. Hence their lack of interest. A cold egg is a dead egg. Also, an incubator nest has to be warmer than room temperature in order to allow the eggs to remain viable, so if they weren’t dead before you put them on the shelf, they probably are now. Sorry!

    Here’s the goose stats: Goose days to incubate:28-34, maintain temp of 99 degrees, keep humidity levels at 86-88%, stop turning egg after 25th day, keep humidity at 90% for last three days, open vent more on 25th day.

    Also, hate to break it to you, but in the US, ‘all native migratory birds are protected under federal law (Migratory Bird Treaty Act). It is illegal for anyone to possess a protected bird, its nest, its eggs or even its feathers unless they have the required federal and state licenses. It is also illegal to disturb an active nest. Penalties for violating this law include up to $500 and/or up to 6 months in jail for each offense.’ :(

    Oh crap, now I feel like a bad friend. I too once harbored hopes for a birdies nest at my abode and had nightmares after the eggies died. It made me sad and I even cried over it.

  3. Wow, this has turned out to be quite the drama! Thanks for all the great photos and descriptions.
    Although I know absolutely nothing about…well, anything…I am guessing that K_Sra is right and that the eggs are not viable. But you still did a really good thing by caring so much.

  4. I don’t know anyone who would care that much about a simple bird egg.. as Ksra stated they are protected under federal laws.. even up here they can’t be touched ..so even if you were to put them back it wouldn’t matter now.. seeing as they are no longer viable.. It’s nice to know that you are willing to check it out and hopefully next Spring the parents will have their little family..hope it still works out..

  5. Eros: It was a little intimidating to be around the other geese near the pond. Almost afraid to turn my back on them. Thank you, I’m glad you like the photos!

    AlienCG: There will be no regurgitating in my apartment. I read, though, that feed and grass would be good nourishment for them. But no regurgitation from me.

    K_sra: Naw, you’re not a bad friend. Just a killer of hope and good vibes, that’s all. ;) The nature center in the Valley told me to leave the eggs out so that other animals can get food. I didn’t tell them that I had the eggs in my apartment. Also, my apartment is not normal temp, it’s usually so hot so I thought perhaps they’d have a chance with that if they had a chance at all. I didn’t know about that whole thing being illegal, I wasn’t trying to hurt or disrupt those geese (but you know that already). Just thought I could possibly make the eggs safer. Oh well. It’s a sad case.

    Laura B.: Thank you! It was worth a try.

    Churlita: I’m going to put the eggs back outside (discreetly) when I get home.

  6. BabyBull: I talked to a woman at the nature center in the Metroparks – didn’t mention I had the eggs with me, but said the nest had been deserted. I asked her if I could donate the eggs to the center for display. She didn’t mention anything about the law, just thanked me and said they already have some goose eggs on display. She also said I should let the other animals get the eggs now for their own nourishment.

  7. Killjoy here. :)

    Tim brings up a good point. You wanna be the first to tell us what goose omelette tastes like? (I mean, do humans count as ‘other animals?’ A girl’s gotta eat!) :P

  8. Tim: Yup, ‘fraid so.

    Ksra/Killjoy: Too late, actually, the eggs are back outside and in a woodsy area. No goose omelet for me. Some lucky skunk, raccoon or whatever else likes eggs will happen upon the trio eventually! I can just imagine a raccoon walking along…starving, saying, “Man, I would give anything for just one or three goose eggs right now.” And then…voila. His/her prayers would be answered.

  9. So sad about those eggs, but don’t worry, I’m sure there will be a whole new batch of geeselings soon! Right now in Phx, I’m waiting for all the quail to have their babies, it’s such fun seeing the families…

    by the way, is it just me, or do those geese look like they are planning something, like taking over the world? I just have this feeling…

  10. Seb: Yeah it was sad, but you’re right I’m sure they’re thinking of starting a new family! How exciting about the quail!

    You might be right about the geese. There’s really no telling what sorts of thoughts are running through their heads behind those dark, beady eyes. Nothing good, that’s for sure. Most of society would never see it coming.

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