A Canadian goose has made a nest under a tree near my apartment building. The tree is right in the middle of the yard, so anyone who has a balcony can see the nest she made. Her husband – yes, I refer to him as the husband, guards the area when he’s around. He hissed at me once as I was walking up the sidewalk. I told him to calm down.

Sometimes, though, the mother goose leaves her nest to scrounge for food and socialize with her friends on the other side of the building by the lake. Before she does this, though, she covers up her eggs with some of the feathery nest she created.

This morning when I woke up, I saw that the nest was there, but not the mother. When I got into my car to go to work, she still hadn’t returned. This concerns me a bit – unless the eggs have hatched and she’s showing off her new family.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Canadian Goose Manor.


11 thoughts on “Honk.

  1. We had a goose last spring/summer at work. The male used to lower head every time a car passed like he was going to attack them. I would say the eggs probably hatched and there are more geese running around.

    By the way, does these geese have passports and permission to be in our country?

  2. Whoa! Don’t get too close to them if they do come back – those things are mental!

    If they don’t come back though, are you thinking about adopting the eggs? What would Skittles make of that?!?

    Oh, and we need pictures!

  3. What an awesome post! And on Earth Day, too! A real life drama involving wildlife. I hope you get to take some cool pics. Or at the very least, have a close up view of the bird family as they try to survive in the big city!

  4. *bangs knife and fork on table* Pictures! Pictures! We Want Pictures!

    I’m glad you told him to calm down. That probably helped. :)

    Also, I hope the eggies aren’t dead. it was cold last night. *shudder*

  5. Daffy: Ha, glad you liked that! The funny thing was, actually did calm down and didn’t hiss again.

    Churlita: I do too, but from the looks of it I don’t think it’s good. I will give geese a little attitude, but try to also respect their space.

    AlienCG: I dare you to check a goose for his/her passport. Good luck with that! :D

    Tim: I do have a few pictures from when she was sitting on her nest, so I will definitely post those!

    As for adopting the eggs…hmm, tricky situation. I’m trying to imagine a bunch of goslings following me to my office and everywhere else because they’d think I was their mother….I think the whole situation would make Skittles very confused, tempted and unsettled. ;)

    Laura B.: “New babies on the loose or parental abandonment issues?!?!” – Sounds like a CNN headline!

    Eros: Yeah, happy Earth Day, right? I will most definitely post as many photos as possible.

    K_sra: It probably did help when I told him to calm down. I’m the goose whisperer, don’t you know?

    Honestly, I’ve got a bad feeling about the whole deal. You’re right, it was very cold outside last night and half of today.

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