Crisp. Intense.

Since our choir concert was pushed back in order to reserve the hall we had for our Christmas concert, we will not have our Spring concert till May 31st. Therefore, our director thought it would be a good idea to have a few Mondays off. We’ve had a few off so far, but I don’t think we needed that last Monday off. We’re progressing rather well, but I don’t think he should be handing out anymore free holidays. It’s crunch time, and I even cringe at that saying because we use it at work sometimes. But seriously, it is, and we all want to sound our best for the throngs of people who bust down the doors to listen to us sing…Okay, well maybe they don’t bust down the doors. But there are throngs, and I have never used the word throngs before in my life. I’ll say it again. Throngs. Psst. Your throng is showing. Ah hee hee!

And speaking of “ah hee hee!!”, the Cackler was at it again tonight (did you like that subtle transition?), “helping” our director. He was trying to tell us to be more exact with one particular song and he couldn’t find the right word. Cackler piped up, “Crisp?” Our director said, “Intense!” He either didn’t hear her suggestion or he refused to listen. I would. She offered it a few more times, but thankfully it was passed on and ignored.

Anyway, the guy who sits in front of me….you know the guy with the pony tail who, since he has a pony tail, he MUST own a Harley? Yeah, him. He smelled of gasoline tonight. I’m sure he probably just spilled a bit on his hands or something while pumping gas. Or perhaps he was wearing the cologne called “Sex Panther” (“They’ve done studies. Sixty percent of the time it works every time.”). That quote from “Anchorman” had me amused while our director rambled on about specific instructions I should’ve been paying attention to rather than remembering favorite movie quotes.

This past weekend while making soap, I clumsily knocked one of my glass measuring cups off of the counter. it bounced and then shattered into many pieces. They traveled farther than I expected. It took a bit to clean it all up, I pierced my thumb with a teensy shard of glass. There were a few shards that looked interesting enough to keep for a photo opportunity. Here is an artsy view of what it’s like to be clumsy:

Glass Shards

Oh and Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got Talent” – has that video brought anyone else to tears besides me and my mom? Anyone? My mom told me about the lady who knocked the socks off of the infamous, cynical Simon Cowell, so I watched the clip on YouTube. It brought me to tears. My mom doesn’t have a computer, so when we both watched it over at my place, it brought us both to tears (me for the second time). She rocked, it was beautiful. Now I have problems getting that song out of my head. Go Susan Boyle!

That is all I have for now, but there will be more tomorrow. Stay tuned.


14 thoughts on “Crisp. Intense.

  1. That Susan Boyle is amazing! The broken shards picture looks beautiful–like ice or crystal!

    That’s so nice of your director to crisply ignore the Cackler. If only gasoline would spill on her…or maybe she gets pelted with hail the size of ice cubes…

  2. Maybe somebody else should have countered with, “Crunchy?” What a night, the cackler and gasoline smell, that’s bad.

    I do like your artsy photo. Good to hear you didn’t get seriously injured.

    Susan Boyle? Sorry, I’m not buying it. I smell a scam.

  3. Alien, you’re such a cynic. She’s the real deal. Although you know the producers were drooling all over themselves when they found her. The rarity of finding a dowdy 40-something spinster who’s never been kissed and can rock the house with the broadway tunes… they’ve been laughing all the way to the bank. But she is sweet and I think she deserves her 15 minutes (or hopefully more).

    Crunchy! We used to use that word in place of “Wow!” in high school. Do you rememebr that, Tara?

  4. That Cackler! She needs to be ignored more often. And I can totally relate to getting caught up in amusing yourself with awesome movie quotes.
    I do like your shard art :-)
    Susan Boyle…meh. Beautiful voice, more to this story.

  5. Eros: Thanks! Yes, they do look like ice!

    FW: It was beautiful, wasn’t it? The song didn’t help either, I love the songs from Les Miserables.

    AlienCG: Crisp? Crunchy? Peanut-buttery? That woud’ve been funny.

    AlienCG & NoRegrets: I never thought of it as a scam, I’m hopeful that she is the real deal because she certainly sounds like it!

    Churlita: Thank you! She amuses me in the sense that I can blog about her, but sometimes my nerves wear thin because of her.

    K_sra: I’m hopeful that she gets a good singing deal out of the whole thing!

    I think I missed the “crunchy” phase of high school, I don’t remember us using that instead of “wow”! I missed out! :(

    Seb: That’s right, go break a vase right now for the sake of art! ;)

    Laura B.: You’re right, the Cackler does need to be ignored more often. Although I have heard her when she has been ignored and she keeps repeating herself.

    Manuel: Oh no, I hadn’t heard about that. Jeez, what a world.

    Seb: It is very wrong!

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