Saturday Scavenger Shots: Fresh

Hey everybody! Yup, I’m a day late, but here is my photo for this week’s Saturday Scavenger Shot word:


Ms. Laura B. of “What Fresh Hell is This” chose the word “fresh”. Perfect choice! Here is a bar of soap I made yesterday. Nothing like the smell of fresh, clean soap, right? I found some of my ocean-themed soap molds, made a little blue piece of starfish soap and then embedded that into a bigger mold. It’s a work in progress, I should’ve let the other soap cool before putting the starfish soap in there, because it started to dissolve a little. But you can still make out the shape somewhat. It’s a very easy craft, though, and it saves money on buying soap at the store!


11 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Fresh

  1. Daffy: Thank you! I bought some soap molds awhile ago which were ocean themed. All I had to do was pour the melted soap into the starfish mold and let it cool (after adding blue coloring to it).

    NoRegrets: I’ve never seen that movie, but I hear stories about the bar of soap.

    Churlita: Thanks! Yup, I was in creative mode this weekend.

  2. Luv the soap! That’s pretty awesome how you got that starfish in the center.

    You’ve got to see Fight Club, if only to see just how surprising and entertaining the plot is! And you’ll see the soap making and wonder if you use the same ingredients!

  3. AlienCG: Thanks, at first I wasn’t planning on making soap for the photo, I was stuck on the word.

    Laura B.: Thank you! Yeah now that I look at it, you can still make out the starfish without it looking distorted.

    K_sra: Hehe. ;)

    Eroswings: I will add it to my Netflix!

    Suze: Aw thanks, so are you! I think you need to take part in this Saturday Scavenger Shot game.

    Manuel: Very true. This does have a nice smell to it, but you can also buy scents to add into it.

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