National Cheeseball Day

Golden Cheese Ball

Golden Cheese Ball

To best express National Cheeseball Day (I’m going to hold back venting about some recent cheeseballs at work), I am going to revert back to a post I created back in 2005. Not sure if I’ve ever done that before, but there’s a first time for everything, right?

“Bring in the Cheese Ball”

We had another graduation ceremony last night. Our caterers, who usually have lots of food set out for the hungry, proud parents, did not bring in a crucial item of food..The Cheese Ball.

When one of my associates noticed its absence, we inquired about it. The caterers gathered, then told the owner of the company to “Bring in the cheese ball.” Apparently, they only had one golden cheese ball and didn’t want it eaten up before the time was right.

The idea made me laugh. I imagined the caterers dressed in black suits like the President’s secret service, with little earplugs and microphones hooked up on them. I could imagine one of them whispering into a walky-talky, “The cheese ball has landed. I repeat, the cheese ball has landed. Stay on alert.”**

Happy National Cheeseball Day!


10 thoughts on “National Cheeseball Day

  1. At the first sight of the cheese ball, the carriers were swarmed by the masses of humanity. We didn’t get a cheese ball when I graduated, now I’m jealous.

  2. AlienCG: You probably had a different caterer at that time – that cheese ball gets eaten up almost right away, so that by the time we’re able to have some food, it’s not even half a cheese ball. It’s more a crescent shape!

    Churlita: I’m surprised they didn’t!

    Laura B: Oh definitely. I think it needs its own force field.

  3. a cheeseball can be a dangerous thing. sometimes they are extraordinarily good, but when they are bad they’re horrid! glad your caterers know how to make a proper cheeseball. :)

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