Such a Poet

I was chatting with a coworker just moments ago, and she was talking about how she loves a certain brand of clothing. I said…(are you ready for this?) “Sometimes it’s nice to wear something nice!”

I was astounded over my choice of words, I’m such a poet. To make things even better, she’s an English teacher. Thankfully she didn’t raise an eyebrow or laugh in my direction.


12 thoughts on “Such a Poet

  1. Manuel: It’s nice and awesome that you were nice and awesome enough to comment. ;)

    AlienCG: Thank you, I do try. I hope nobody is jealous of my grasp of the English language.

    Eros: Well yes aside from it being slightly vague, I could’ve said it much worse. Like “It’s always goodly to wear something good.”

    Dmarks: Hehe. Thank you for that, it was…nice! ;)

  2. Hahaha! Sometimes vocabulary fails us when making nice small talk. :) I know that I’ve lost the thread of a conversation when I hear myself replying with something like, “Well… that’s nice!” and smiling like a dopey idiot.

  3. hahaha! when my grandmother is lost in a conversation (ie, doesn’t really comprehend what’s just been said) she’ll say “Well…” and just let it hover awkwardly in the air. That usually kills the conversation. :P

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