What I Do for Blogging Purposes….(Tsk)

Okay I did it. I sang in the shower and recorded it. My singing, that is. It wasn’t the first, I think I recorded another song once upon a time. But at that time I cheated a bit. This time it was authentic. I was in the shower. Please don’t picture it, I don’t want to put you through that kind of hell. Anyway, I was being honest when I said I didn’t know the words to Celine Dion’s song, “My Heart Will Go On” by heart. So there I was, standing in the shower with the lyrics printed out from the computer and getting wet with me. The mini recorder remained safe, without a drop of water. The things I do for my blog, I swear. Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to listen. I have to apologize, my voi….You know what? I’m not making any apologies! I was singing in the shower, people! For you. For my blog readers..For my blog. So there!

My Heart Will Go On

Oh and a serious “PS” on that recording. At the very end you hear a male’s voice. Disregard that, it is my choir director’s voice and he was not in the shower with me. It was just a run-over from the next recording I had on my mini recorder.


14 thoughts on “What I Do for Blogging Purposes….(Tsk)

  1. I luv it! Hahahahaha! Your blog readers luv you and worship you! This was too funny and entertaining! You’ve made my week. I can almost imagine myself in the frigid waters while the Titanic sinks behind me.

    I, too, sang in the shower today, same song! Followed immediately by Ice Ice Baby; it seemed appropriate somehow. I didn’t record it though :)

  2. I promise to listen when I get home… If you are willing to do all this for your readers then the least I can do is listen!
    *goes away singing*
    …and my heart does go on for yoooooooooooo, once, twice times light the air…….
    What? Well I never had a printed paper with the lyrics on did I?

  3. Eros: “Ice Ice Baby” is another great song to sing to in the shower! I know more words from that one than I do from the other. “All right stop, collaborate and listen!” You should’ve recorded, it though!

    Tim: It’s true!

    Daffy: That might be another verse of her song. Hehe.

    Churlita: Thank you! I was afraid I’d drop the cassette player in the water…or drop the lyrics in the water!

    FW: Thank you! :)

    Laura B.: Thanks LB! You should try it with a song and artist that you like! :)

    Suze: Wow, thanks! A standing ovation? That’s a first!

    NoRegrets: Perhaps, yes. Hehe.

    K_sra: Yup, I think I’ve graduated from being a “little slut” to a blogging whore. Don’t think there’s a diploma or certificate for either one, though. Thanks, I felt a little more confident in the middle of the song, once I got over my initial “What the hell am I doing?” phase. ;)

  4. Ksra: I try not to think of that bit of detail, but yeah I think part of the reason why I had a hard time hitting the notes at first was because I was blushing from the inside.

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