“They Mostly Come Out at Night….Mostly.”

This week’s Saturday Scavenger Shot word is “Alien” chosen appropriately by none other than AlienCG from “Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections”!

I went pretty literal with the word this time. I was exercising yesterday and wanted to pick out a good movie from my collection that would keep me cruising through my half hour on the bike. I did not choose “Alien” or  “Aliens”. No, not this time. Instead I chose the movie “Species”. God help me I love that movie. Without really thinking of the word for this week at first, it later dawned on me that I could use that movie for a photo opportunity.


This is Eve, played by Natasha Henstridge. I call her Eve because they made a clone of her in the second one and called her Eve. Anyway, Eve is the result of mixing human DNA with alien DNA. She looks pretty normal there, right?


Not so normal in this shot as her instincts to defend herself kick in and she becomes more alien.


Then finally the transformation is complete (actually, there’s another stage later in the movie, but this was the last transformation in this particular scene) and she is one mad, frustrated alien.

Well that does it for me for this week’s word!


9 thoughts on ““They Mostly Come Out at Night….Mostly.”

  1. Deeewwd! I haven’t thought about that movie Species in so long… that was kind of freaky. Agree with Eroswings, definitely makes you paranoid about taking someone home from a bar, they might be some crazy predatory alien!!!

  2. AlienCG: Yeah, there are some startling moments in that movie. The cocoon scene was a little gruesome.

    NoRegrets: Thanks, I’m glad they came out without the bar in the middle of the screen!

    Eros: Or that all is not fair in love and war! ;) The scene where she gets revenge on the sexual competition is unforgettable.

    Laura B.: Very true! I’m sure Natasha Henstridge had a hard time with dates for a few seconds after that movie.

    Seb: Yeah! Maybe that’s when online dating became popular! All because of “Species”.

    FW: I think you might like it. Even better is that you don’t have to spend too much on it anymore. I wouldn’t have minded seeing it on the big screen, though. Lots of interesting actors in it! Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker, Michael Madsen, Marge Helgenberger…

    Churlita: Thanks! I liked your post too on the alien subject!

    Suze: Hey, thank you! I was just glad the screen shots turned out well instead of blurry!

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