Queen Elizabeth and Michelle Obama

This question is for everyone, but I’m very curious about opinions from our English friends. What did you think when First Lady Michelle Obama put her arm around Queen Elizabeth? I know this is kind of an old story by now, and perhaps by asking it I’m giving it more steam than necessary, but what are your thoughts on this?


13 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth and Michelle Obama

  1. I thought it was cool. It’s nice to see some proper warmth between the Queen and other important people rather than the usual round of formalities that you usually see. And what’s interesting is that there was speculation that the Queen actually instigated the whole thing, which is unheard of.

    Michelle Obama must’ve made quite the impression! (apparently her Maj said to her “now we’ve met, you will keep in touch won’t you?”)

    I like Michelle Obama – she seems like a lovely lady.

  2. I’m glad everyone agrees with me. I can’t see anyone outside of a Royal Chamberlain or Buckingham Palace royal protocol librarian just being thawed out from being frozen in cryogenic suspension in 1889 caring in the least about it.

  3. It came off as this very sweet, natural gesture, which you could see the Queen immediately reciprocate. After all that has been happening lately, it seemed very reassuring to have a day where that was the big news story.

  4. Churlita: CNN certainly did their share of blowing it a bit out of proportion.

    AlienCG: It’s the American way.

    Tim: After hearing some of the formalities that go on, I agree it was nice to see some warmth from her. Like a totally different person!

    That’s nice to hear about what the Queen said to Michelle Obama. So far Michelle Obama is making a very good impression over here too!

    Grakkki: Haha. :D

    Dmarks: Aside from CNN repeating the arm on the back scene ten million times, I thought it was a wonderful gesture as well. Warm and friendly.

    Suze: Michelle Obama may have gotten away with a headlock, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten away with it. ;)

    Laura B: It did come off as natural, yes! And you’re right, it was a welcoming bit of news amidst all the chaos.

  5. everyone wants to hug michelle obama. this is proof positive. i forget sometimes how repressed affection still is in the U.K. then i hear something like this: “SCANDAL! QUEEN IS HUGGED! LOYAL BRITISH SUBJECTS MOURN!”

  6. :) @ k_srasra

    (don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media – *some* brits can be very affectionate in the style of a puppy at meal time….!! )

  7. I think the poor Queen could use a little hug, what with all her terrible children and grandchildren and schmuck of a husband. But if the Brits want to go to war, just remember, we are not afraid to deploy Celine Dion, who is on loan from Canada!

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