My New Name…and an Easter Story

– My computer mouse fell apart at work yesterday. I think it’s because I’ve had the mouse pad for too long, so it has become rough, so maybe all the traveling that mouse did loosened the little door that keeps the trackball inside.

My mouse stopped moving, and when I lifted it up to see what was going on, the little gray trackball was sitting there. It’s as if my mouse laid an egg. Right on time for Easter! What if that trackball egg hatched? I guess it would be a baby computer mouse? Barbie could use it until it grew to human size.

– On a totally different note, today is “Name Yourself Day”. My name for today is Alexandria Ferngully Von Stresstoomuch. But you can call me Andria.


8 thoughts on “My New Name…and an Easter Story

  1. K_sra: I should decorate it! Gray is not a cheerful Easter color. Yes, I can accept Ferngully or Fern, but that sounds too much like Vern.

    George Washington Kennedy Lincoln Smith O’Malley: This was the mouse at work, I’m not sure we’re permitted to change mice, but I could ask.

    Churlita: The name Ferngully just came to me and I wondered why I’d think of it. Then I realized I had seen that movie too when it first came out.

    Suze: You are now Princess of All Shoes.

    Laura B.: I’ll call you Snow Red White Rose. That’s kind of a tricky tongue twister!

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