Melted into One, Chocolatey Glob of a Post

– Whenever I drive into Berea, Ohio, I notice the name of one of the street signs and I automatically remember the name of a law firm I’d keep seeing in files when I worked at an insurance company: “Meecham, Spar, Kozy and Postel”. The street’s name is “Meecham”, so whenever I see the sign I recite the entire law firm name. Why? Cuz I can. It just has an unforgettable rhythm to it.

– During a brief bit of down time during choir rehearsal tonight, I gave a bar of soap to the lady who sits next to me. Let me explain. I wasn’t telling her she needed it. I made the bar of soap and I meant to show it to another choir member who was interested in the craft of soap making, but she wasn’t there. So I just figured I’d give the bar I had away and make another in the near future. Anyway, I handed the bar to her and started explaining, and the Cackler became interested, so she was hovering. I told the lady that the soap had glycerin in it and then couldn’t think of the next ingredient, I said, “It has….um…” The Cackler chimed in with her sense of humor and offered, “France?” Before she could start her giggling, I remembered that the other ingredient was aloe. Not France. Really, WTF??

– Our director got peeved with the Cackler again tonight. There’s a song where we sing something kind of rapid fire and he didn’t want us to run the words together. He told us there needs to be a rest in there.

Cackler: “But Tom, there isn’t a rest there, those are crescendos!”

Tom: “Well you need to rest in there…”

Cackler: “But those are crescendo marks!”

I could swear our director was quietly rehearsing the serenity prayer while looking down at his music and trying to choose the right words instead of saying something he might regret. He finally said with a twist of tired sarcasm:

“Thank you once again for your continued support. What I meant to say was that we need to put a rest sign in the middle there, okay?”

Cackler: “Okay!”

We moved on after that, but I was so proud of our director. He shows such tactful restraint.

– Sometimes I wish you were all in the choir with me so we could all roll our eyes at each other and have a good laugh afterwords.

– The Cackler is quite proud of the fact that she can sing extra high. Well that’s what a first soprano can do, we sing high. But she loves to sing the highest note possible even if that note isn’t mentioned in the music. Our director seems to like that finale, so he goes along with it. I can sing that high note, and I’m sure others can too, but you’d never know it because she belts it out and then makes a big deal out of it, so even if twenty of us were singing the same note, she’d act like she was the only one. I sang with her during those high notes for awhile, but then decided that I joined that choir to have fun and sing, not compete. She makes it so annoying though. She made up a high note in “The Star Spangled Banner” and another one in another song we sing for our regular concert. Then during one of our other songs, she offered her services again and he’s actually considering it.

Tonight I released my irritation through a nice muscle stretch. The lady sitting next to me asked, “Are you cold? Stiff?” I shook my head and whispered, “Nope, just annoyed.” She understood 100%. She has grasped my hand in frustration many times during a few choir rehearsals when she has been annoyed by people asking stupid questions or just being plain stupid. She’s a cool lady, she was there when I first joined.

– Anyway, we’re coming along quite well. We have a break next Monday, but still have more room to improve.

– On  a different note, did I mention that our department manager was fired? Yeeeah. He was, because he kept calling in sick and didn’t show up for a weekend shift when he was assigned to it. There were so many other reasons, but those were enough to break down a department. He will not be missed. The associate the I work with now may be a little too demanding sometimes, but we’ve survived in our department without a manager before, we can do it again until they hire someone else. Please pray, though, that the next one will be more mature and won’t refer to people as “dude” or “babe”. I don’t want a tyrant, I just want a smart-working, dependable, MATURE manager who I feel comfortable working with at all times. Is that so much to ask?


10 thoughts on “Melted into One, Chocolatey Glob of a Post

  1. One company I worked for had a facility on Meech in Cleveland. I didn’t work at that one, I wouldn’t, and I didn’t stay at that company long.

    Do you practice on risers? Has anybody thought about possibly making something look like an accident? Of course, then you wouldn’t have this aspect of life to blog about.

    What qualifications do I need to be the manager. I wouldn’t be calling anybody “dude” or “babe,” I don’t call in sick and I like donuts (which I would bring in periodically). Just a thought.

  2. Every Cackler story gives me a good laugh…does that make putting up with her totally worth it? :-)

    We are having all kinds of work upheavel too. Sounds like you are about to make a change for the better, Babe!

  3. AlienCG: Since we’re both in the soprano I section, we’re in the first two rows. No risers.

    Well the last two managers didn’t seem to have any degrees aside from high school, but I may be mistaken. Both had experience in either sales/marketing or recruiting, though. You have technical skills, people skills AND some degrees, including one from the school. That would blow their minds. Donuts would also be a huge hiring factor.

    Churlita: Yes, that’s true. I had a dream last night that they gave him another chance. What a relief when I realized it was only a dream!

    Laura B.: It makes blogging about her totally worth it. :) Ha, thanks Honey! :D

    Manuel: I show restraint by not being a big fan of confrontation…and also because I would rather sing than interrupt the rehearsal like she does.

  4. Sweet. I thought you were going to hit us with: A mom tomato and a dad tomato were walking with their baby tomato. The baby tomato started to fall behind. The dad tomato stomped on the baby tomato and shouted, “Catchup”

    bwah bu ha ha

  5. It’s funny how those loud mouths like Cackler think they’re all that when everyone else thinks they’re jacka$$ . And what’s funny is that they don’t get they are the butt of the joke. Your choir director has the patience of a saint!

    I hope you get a better manager. I never understood why some people think that being a manager means having more time off; it’s a bigger responsibility and a time consuming job! That’s why you get a bigger paycheck!

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