Paper Guillotine

I was using the company’s paper cutter today which sounds a bit like a mini guillotine when the blade comes down. It always made me angry when it wouldn’t cut properly, and then this year I finally got the hang of it. So today I was using it while a faculty member was sitting nearby enjoying his lunch.

It had been a frustrating day so far, so I was really cutting that paper like a fiend. It was loud and the thought that the sound was disturbing my coworker…just the idea of it…made me smile from the inside out. Eventually I did tell him that I was almost done, and he shrugged and said, “Doesn’t bother me! In fact, it sounds therapeutic!” Hehe. It was.


7 thoughts on “Paper Guillotine

  1. Ha! It’s those little unexpected joys that brighten up the tough work day!

    I don’t have a paper cutter because I’m afraid I might cut myself. I get paper cuts a lot! I’ll stick to scissors.

  2. Eros: Unexpected jokes are excellent surprises. For awhile I was afraid I’d get distracted and lose a finger or something, but I’m usually pretty focused on cutting the paper correctly.

    AlienCG: Well he did have a sub sandwich, so yes he probably would’ve appreciated that!

  3. I love using the paper cutter at work, although I have gotten a cut or two on it…nothing serious. We are actually about to take the blade for sharpening and I’m quite excited about that. haha!

  4. “Off with his header!”

    Anyone who is getting cuts from a paper cutter is defo doing it wrong. Eesh! (Laura, I’m looking at you.) I bought one for my office that rolls along a flat track as opposed to banging down a long blade. It is much better. Oh, and I too hate it when it takes more than one cut. Arg!

  5. LB: I’ve been pretty good about not getting cut on the actual cutter – I have better odds of cutting myself with a manila folder. But getting that blade sharpened sounds awesome. Hehe….Muah ha ha ha..(ahem..sorry).

    Ksra: It did that last night, for some reason it just wasn’t cutting like buttah. Not the whole thing, just one part of it. Grr.

    Churlita: It felt really good, you should buy one for yourself.

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