“Oh. Woa to Me.”

Well I’m going to have to jump off a cliff or something. Yes, it’s true, my life is suddenly meaningless. The reason? Some guy told me that the video I made where I played the dollar store flute was boring. Such stinging words. It hurts, ya know? Because his opinion means so much to me.

Such brave people on the internet. I was also riddled with tons of insults for posting the videos I have where I pretend to levitate stuff. I have those on YouTube. Only a few decent people realized I was just joking around.

So good-bye cruel world…for a few minutes. I’m going to have a cup of coffee.

12 thoughts on ““Oh. Woa to Me.”

  1. Ah, some people are just jealous. I find that people who leave anonymous hateful comments are just weak, scared, jealous and unhappy people. Don’t let their misery bother you. You still rock!!!

  2. Eros: Yeah, that’s right, they’re jealous! :) Thank you! It’s amazing how brave people feel when they can be anonymous. I can laugh at the YouTube comments now, but I couldn’t get over when I first saw them how people could be so blunt and rude.

  3. I agree with eroswings. I get those kinds of cowardly, critical, anonymous comments on my blog sometimes, and they are so annoying. If you want to criticize me, great. Now send me a link to some of your stuff, so I can see if you even know what you’re talking about.

  4. Churlita: Right, exactly. The guy that left me the one word comment of “boring” didn’t have a link to his blog.

    NoRegrets: Very true. I mean I’m aware that my stuff isn’t always the most exciting, meaningful stuff, but it’s MY stuff. If they have a problem, they need to create their own mildly interesting blog.

  5. Tim: I sure am going to keep doing what I’m doing, thank you! “Nobody puts [Tara] in the corner.”

    Laura B: My cup of coffee was…meh….Office coffee. But better coffee was waiting for me at home!

  6. just make sure you film your jump off the cliff and then upload it to youtube. that’ll teach ’em.

    i would like to add as your friend of many years, that while decidedly boring on first glance (with the stark exception of the elaine dance), your youtube videos are a bit like doing drugs, i would think. you just need to kind of space out and take them in as opposed to critiquing them as if they were short films shown at cannes film festival. and truthfully, half the time, there is some little gem in them that turns the whole expectation of the piece into something else entirely. fidelle and i have discussed this element of your writing style as well. we like to talk about you behind your cute little back. :) ONLY GOOD THINGS!

  7. Ksra: I can imagine, after filming my jump off a cliff, that the bored guy would still troll around and say, “Meh, I’ve seen better jumps.” I just can’t please everyone, can I?

    I love your thoughts on my videos, you’re right if you space out and not think that there’s a huge point to my stuff, you can enjoy them! :) And eek you and Fidelle are tawking about me behind my back? The drama! :D Anyway, your comment made my week!

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