It’s Back to Work I Go

On my extended weekend, I…

– printed out some photos from my computer and framed them

– took down the huge, artsy cat poster I had on the wall and put up something different that didn’t involve cats

– bought some affordable wall sconces and hung them up on either side of the new portrait.

– cleaned out my linen/movie closet and bought some storage containers to organize some of the other stuff

– moved my movies to the lower shelves so that it’s easier for me to pick out a flick I want to watch.

– cleared out a cabinet under my microwave

– made a container specifically for tools, another for laundry supplies and another one for bug sprays and such

– bought a new Wii game called “Shadow Assassins”, and the guy at the counter suggested I buy the used version for ten bucks less. I took him up on the offer and the used game works just as well. In this new game, I am training to be a ninja and I have to sneak up on guards and kill them off. It’s awesome.

– played more of “House of the Dead” and “Wii Sports”. My bowling skills have been neglected, if I’m not careful I could lose my Pro status on there.

– picked out the movie, “Wolf” from my newly organized closet and watched it while I exercised. I love that movie – Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader (he plays such an amazing scum bag) and lots of other great actors.

– slept in a few times this weekend, too, but when I vow to sleep in, that usually just means an hour or two past the normal hour I have to get up on a work day. I rarely sleep in till 10 or 11am anymore. Can’t remember the last time I slept in that late.

– gave away about three or four sheet sets and other trinkets I don’t need anymore, then cleaned the sheets I want to keep with the rest of my laundry. All laundry and sheets are freshly laundered, folded and put away.

And you know what else? I didn’t check my work email once. Wasn’t even tempted. Yay!


8 thoughts on “It’s Back to Work I Go

  1. You took down cat art and replaced it with non-cat art? What’s the world coming to? Is this an April Fool’s joke?

    I bought “Madworld” last week, I like it…a lot. It’s very gratuitous. I’ve heard of “Shadow Assassin” and would like to try it before I buy it.

    It sounds like a well-spent four days off. I can’t wait until I have a job so that I can appreciate a four day weekend.

  2. You had quite the productive weekend! Congrats on time well spent on getting your favorite stuff organized. That’s nice you didn’t get bothered by work.

    You’ve inspired me to reorganize some more of my stuff do some recycling.

  3. Churlita: I agree, even an hour of a nap is good for us. I just don’t nap that often. Maybe I should. I’m already scrambled this week, I keep thinking today was Monday. Thankfully it is not!

    Laura B.: Thanks, it does feel good! Especially when the motivation is there.

    AlienCG: I know, right? No April Fool’s joke, either! If it was, I would announce that I hate cats.

    Tim: I don’t want Wii to demote me, don’t let them do it! Actually tonight I was able to pick myself up from the borderline a bit.

    Eros: Thanks! :) Have fun with recycling!

  4. I LOVE VACATION! Just got back from our babymoon in florida and still can’t believe how fun it was, how fast it was over adn how good the cool breezes in Cleveland felt after all that humid heat! Darn you, Cleveland! making me like you for no good reason!

    Glad you had a good extended weekend, Tara. You deserve it!

    OH! And I picked up a special little memento/Birthday gift for you in Florida. :)

  5. Ksra! Welcome back! I’m so glad you had fun, in spite of the humidity! The defense of “Yeah, but it’s a damp heat” just doesn’t work as well as “Yeah, but it’s a dry heat”, does it?

    Good vacations always zoom by so fast.

    Aw a birthday memento for me? From Florida? Kool! Thank you!

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