April 2009! Woot!

Hey everyone! Thank you again for your holiday ideas! Also thank you to Tim for sending me this link of other holidays to celebrate! Here is the list for April.

1. Talk About Your Severe Weather Experiences
2. Do the Bunny Hop Day
3. Show Us Your Easter Bonnet Day (posting of photos encouraged)
4. Tell a Baseball Story Day.
5. Random Kitchen Appliance/Tool Appreciation Day
6. Shovel Your Driveway Day (Cleveland Specific)
7. No Housework Day
8. Laughter Appreciation Day
9. Name Yourself Day
10. Good Friday/Eat Candy Day (Mandy Moore’s Birthday)
11. Eight-Track Tape Day
12. Happy Easter!/Interview One of Your Friends Day (David Letterman’s Birthday)
13. Eat Pad Thai Day (Thailand’s New Year)
14. Sing like Celine Dion in the Shower Day (the Titanic struck an ice berg before midnight on this day and sank)
15. Celebrate the IRS Day
16. Express Yourself Without Words Day (Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday)
17. National Cheeseball Day
18. Appreciate Yourself Day
19. Garlic Day (Watch Out, Vampires!)
20. Look Alike Day
21. Kindergarten Day
22. Celebrate with Flowers Day–Earth Day/Administrative Professionals Day
23. Conch Republic Day (Micro-nation in Key West, FL)
24. Bacon Appreciation Day
25. Have a Piece of Cake for Tara Day
26. Shout Obscenities in Your Car Day (Alan Arkin’s Birthday)
27. Tell A Story Day
28. Great Poetry Reading Day/Kiss-Your-Mate Day
29. Quote from the Show “Seinfeld” Day (Jerry Seinfeld’s Birthday – 1954)
30. Frau Blücher Appreciation Day (Cloris Leachman’s Birthday)/National Honesty Day

This is also the month for the following:

Frog Month (National)
Garden Month (National)
Guitar Month (International)
Home Inspection Month
Humor Month (National)
Kite Flying Month (National)
Mathematics Education Month (National)
Poetry Month (National)
Welding Month (National)


5 thoughts on “April 2009! Woot!

  1. Very excellent job on the calendar!

    Let me now start off the calendar. I’ve lived through some severe weather experiences–I was in a blizzard once that lasted for days and shut down the city and roads for a week! I have lived through several hurricanes and the awful, maddening humidity that followed and punished us for a week after the hurricane blew through. I lived through the hailstorm that rained down golf ball size hail that broken glass windows and rooftops.

    But I think the scariest experience for me had to be seeing a tornado form and start coming towards us. It was such an incredible and scary experience. I was so glad when it turned and headed another direction, but we were crouched down in the house, fearing for our lives. Boy, did it feel good to be alive after seeing the destructive power of that twister!

  2. Tim: Me too. And to celebrate it ahead of time, I ordered something to eat tonight with bacon in it.

    Eros: I still have to post my weather experience, but actually it was experienced by my parents about five years before I was born.

    Churlita: I think #6 is appropriate for a few other states around us too.

    Laura B: Looks like it’ll definitely be fun and eventful! :)

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