Turn, Turn, Turn

It is Friday and a new Friday5 meme is up on their site, so I’m going to do this one. Feel free to paste this with your own answers onto your own blog.

1. To whom do you normally turn when you need to complain about something?
– I usually talk to my mom, lots of times I vent on my blog and sometimes I’ll have a vent session with my coworkers, but thankfully we wind up laughing.

2. Which annual season-turning do you enjoy the most?
– Winter to Spring. Although it can be messy, slushy and cold, I know that things will start looking more cheerful.

3. Where can you get a really good turnover?
– Pillsbury makes some good cherry turnovers…Actually it’s a more do-it-yourself kit, but I remember them tasting really good. I’m not a big turnover fan, though.

4. What’s employee turnover like where you work?
– Well in late 2008 there was a huge turnover. A cluster of people either leaving voluntarily or being let go.

5. One of the Wonder Twins could turn into any form of water, while the other could turn into any animal. Which of these powers would be more useful to you?
– An irukandji jellyfish..I saw a special on them once and they’re very deadly and elusive. So if I was a Wonder Twin and some villains tried to capture us in a net or something, I could slip right through just like my sibling. Then watch out, evil doers.


2 thoughts on “Turn, Turn, Turn

  1. 1. I usually vent to close friends, but mostly, I try to work through it myself.

    2. I like the changing from Spring to Summer, because it meant school was out and it’s getting drier but not necessarily hotter with lots of sunshine.

    3. I’m not a big fan of turnovers either–apple, cherry, etc. I’ll eat them, but they won’t be the first thing I reach for at breakfast.

    4. Most of my temp jobs are at places that have a high turnover. All have offered me permanent contracts when I was done, but I was just happy to move on to something new!

    5.That’s a pretty creative answer for the Wonder twins. I’m not sure which power I’d want. On the one hand, I can be a bird and fly; on the other hand, I can turn myself into a nice hot bath when I’m cold.

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