Happiness is a 4-Day Weekend

At 5pm this Friday, I am gonna leave work so fast they won’t even know I’m gone. I have a four-day weekend. Since the day of my birthday was way too busy and I would’ve felt weird for calling off, I requested vacation days for both Monday and Tuesday of next week and the vacation genie granted my wish.

There are lots of things that need to be done, I can’t deny that, and I will get some done today and tomorrow, but when I leave work on Friday at 5, I will not think about the other stuff. I refuse to worry about it. I need to curve my worries so that they don’t sneak up on me when I’m enjoying myself. Easier said that done, but I like the idea.


6 thoughts on “Happiness is a 4-Day Weekend

  1. A long weekend sounds great! I’ve got tomorrow off, so I’ve got a three day weekend – but a four day one? I think that means you’ve got to do lots of things you want to do, and take the time to enjoy it!!

  2. I’m so glad you are giving yourself this belated birthday present! Promise not to give work a thought while you are off. Do you have specific plans or is it going to be a more ‘see what happens’ few days?

  3. Tim: I am really looking forward to it, that’s fo’ sho! Enjoy your Friday off! Somehow it seems better when you can use Friday as a vacation day.

    FW: Hey, thank you! How have you been?

    Laura B.: Thank you! :) No specific plans at all, although one or two days will involve wandering around a shopping mall with my mom. Anything but work.

    Manuel: They sure do! Thank you, I will!

    Eros: Thanks! I feel like I certainly earned it today, a few of us had to set up for our school’s graduation ceremony and it all went pretty smooth.

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