Spring Fever Day (How Do You Prepare for Warm Months Ahead?)

It is Spring time! Finally, right? My mom used to do this huge, day-long Spring cleaning at our house, which meant lots of work, but I remember everything smelling so fresh afterward.

Here’s my idea of Spring cleaning:

Take the Wintery, bell wreath off of my front door and possibly replace it with something with birds and flowers on it

Get rid of any lasting evidence that snow was here. I have fake snow in some decorations around my apartment. Let’s not encourage more, real snow by letting that stuff hang around, know what I’m sayin’?

Clean the balcony windows in order for more sunlight to stream through so that my cat can bask in the warmth of it.

Blurry Pysanka

Here’s a shot of some Easter eggs I colored a few years ago with my creative friends Ksra and El Fid. Sorry for the blur, but aren’t they purty?


7 thoughts on “Spring Fever Day (How Do You Prepare for Warm Months Ahead?)

  1. Those are some very great looking eggs! Must’ve taken hours to complete the designs. I haven’t even bought any chocolate eggs for Easter. I did buy some eggs today, but I’m using them to make fried rice or potato salad or some egg salad.

    I have to do a little redecorating myself for spring.

  2. I don’t do much seasonal decorating, so I don’t have any winter-themed stuff to take down. I don’t have any traditions for the first day of spring. I like those eggs, very purty indeed.

  3. Dmarks: I liked it, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed Cleveland while you were here!

    Laura B.: The weather lately has made me feel very hopeful about Spring. That particular type of egg coloring is called Pysanka (might be misspelling it a bit). Very intricate stuff.

    Eros: Thanks! I don’t remember it taking hours, but it definitely had us put lots of concentration into it. As for eggs to be eaten, I might make a few hard-boiled eggs this year. I’m getting hungry for them. Best of luck with the Spring decorating!

    AlienCG: Thank you! I might try the egg decorating again this year.

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