Think Positive. Be Positive.

On the way to work today I went to the McDonald’s I used to work for to pick up a bit of lunch. It was my late day and I had to first meet up with my insurance dude to discuss my life insurance and such. Anyway, I stopped into my McDonald’s (I consider it mine since I worked there long enough). While waiting for my order, I heard someone greet me. It was a girl who I worked with while at the restaurant! Don’t ask me her name, I am horrible with that kind of thing. But I recognized her and we chatted a bit. Her son works there with her! Then as she went about her job, I noticed someone else in the grill area who I used to work with, so I waived to him. Weird, actually. They haven’t aged much, it’s as if the greasy food has somehow preserved their youthful appearance.

Anyway, speaking of jobs, today we’re supposed to list good, positive things about our jobs. For a few months now it has been a challenge to come up with good points. Two out of three people in our department are at war and everyone in the entire establishment is under stress. But let me find some things to be positive about:

– Some of the students I meet with at the college I work for are funny, and sometimes cute and charming. I actually feel comfortable talking and joking with them.
– I like the fact that, since I’ve been there longer than the other two in my department, people of authority come to me for answers. That can be both good and bad, actually.
– Everyone has a sense of humor, whether it’s sarcastic, cheesy, jaded or sadistic.
– It forces me to confront my discomfort with speaking in front of groups because there’s really no way of permanently avoiding it in that place. Not the most favorite part of my job, but it’s necessary.

What are some good points about your job?


5 thoughts on “Think Positive. Be Positive.

  1. You do have some very positive things about your job. As for mine:

    1. I’m always learning new skills

    2. I luv what I do–most of the time

    3. I like knowing that there’s a time limit to my commitments, and I can always work somewhere else (travel)

    4. I do enjoy working with some of my peers and clients.

  2. I’m glad that even though things are difficult right now you were able to find the good stuff in there. I am the senior member of my dept. too…it is kind of weird sometimes.

  3. Eros: Yes, the coworkers can be great entertainment.

    Laura B: I’ve had dreams in the past where HQ people have come to me with all of their questions because I’ve been there longest, and it’s terrifying.

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