The Weekend and a Day in a Nutshell

– I used to think that it was Michelangelo’s Sixteenth Chapel rather than his “Sistine Chapel”. Also, in the song “The Star Spangled Banner”, I thought up until last month that the lyrics went “Who’s bright stripes and bright stars” when it is actually “Who’s broad stripes and bright stars”.

– Our choir director once again put his foot into his humorous mouth on Monday night. There’s one song we’re practicing in particular where we have a problem pronouncing the entire word. Especially the words that end in the letter “P” like “hope”, and “deep”. We cut off too early so you hear “ho” and “dee”. He had to warn us again about that and announced, “There’s nothing like hearing a really good “P” from the choir. Once he said it, he had to walk away in embarrassment as we all laughed at him.

– While my mom and I were shopping at a craft store this past weekend, I discovered a really expensive but cool-looking kit. It was a glass bead-making kit – I could melt glass and shape it into beads for jewelry and such. So I splurged on it to later find out that, just because a box says that “everything you need is included!” doesn’t mean it is true. Turns out I needed a little propane tank to heat up the glass, and it was a very specific brand of propane. Plus, the solution that keeps the glass from sticking to the metal rods that are used to help shape the glass is toxic and causes health issues. I finally surrendered to the bad vibes I was getting from the whole thing and took the whole kit back to the store for a refund which I was grateful to get. I used some of the refunded money to buy some soap making materials and then had fun the rest of the afternoon making soap which is a safer, more non-toxic, cheaper craft to work on. If I had my own place without any liability of blowing up an entire, six-story apartment building, and I knew more about what I was doing, I would’ve kept the kit and followed through on it. But for now, I’ll just stick to things that don’t involve a fire extinguisher.


9 thoughts on “The Weekend and a Day in a Nutshell

  1. He probably figured that he said something wrong even before he finished, but the mouth was already engaged and not stopping. Congrats on not blowing up, burning down or otherwise destroying your apartment building. I’m sure if the neighbors knew how close they came to their own mortality they would be thanking you.

  2. hee hee! Your choir director is great.

    I like that you do all this crafty stuff. I wouldn’t mind trying to make soap. The glass beads thing sounds a little scary though…as with you, my neighbors would probably appreciate it if I avoided that one.

  3. 1 | NoRegrets: No, but I’m sure others did! I was too busy explaining what he said to the people next to me who didn’t hear him. Lol.

    AlienCG: Thanks, it feels good to be in one piece…and alive!

    Laura B.: You should try the soap making it is fun! Plus you can save money on buying the soap from the store and just make your own. They have different kinds now like aloe and oatmeal. Good for the skin.

    Churlita: Yeah seriously. What gets me is that the kit is for “beginners”. I expect to see kids on the box playing with the gas tank.

    Suze: Hehe. Yeah, I avoid cooking most of the time too.

  4. I’m glad you survived the bead making and moved on to beautiful, useful, clean soap. That is funny about your choir director.

    I didn’t know it was called the Sistine Chapel either til art class in college.

  5. Silver: The soap making thing might be something you’d like, the longest you have to wait is when you have to let the soap cool in the freezer before popping them out of the mold. It smells so good though, whether you add fragrances or not.

    Eros: Yup, still in tact and alive. The soap is a nice hobby. :)

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