Saturday Scavenger Shots (on Sunday): Treat

Yup, I’m late, sorry about that! This week’s word, “treat”, was chosen for us by Churlita from “Churlish Figure”!


This morning I woke up with a craving for a McDonald’s-style breakfast. I don’t like their eggs, but I do love their sausage, hotcakes and hashbrowns. It motivated me on a lazy Sunday to get dressed and treat my craving to this meal. Yum.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots (on Sunday): Treat

  1. Nope, those are from McDonald’s too, it helps to transport everything to an actual plate rather than eating out of their Styrofoam containers. Everything does seem to taste and look better! :D

  2. ew, it’s all bluish and squinty! :P I guess you had to have worked there. : )

    Speaking of work, Lady Friend, what’s next week’s word or haven’t you picked one yet?

  3. Churlita: Mmm, never tried their coffee cakes before!

    Eros: Isn’t it funny when we crave such random things for a few days like that?

    Laura B: This was the first time I transferred McDonald’s food to an actual plate before, but I really liked it that way!

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