Close Encounters of the “Uh Duh” Variety

I’ve had a flat screen monitor at work for at least a year and a half now. The rest of my computer is under my desk. It is where I believed my only USB ports were located up until Friday morning. So whenever a student or grad would come in with their flash drive and have me bring up their resume, I’d have to disappear under my desk so I could properly plug them into the port. A student came in on Friday morning and before I could take the flash drive from him to plug it into the port under my desk, he reached around and plugged it into a USB port on the side of my monitor. I had no freaking clue they were also located on the monitor! I laughed at myself and he asked, “What, didn’t you know they were there?” Nope! Not a clue. Uh duh! As Bill Engvall would say, “Heeeere’s yer sign.” Well it’s one of those learning experiences, right? Now I know.

Yesterday on my way to Pat Catan’s, one of my favorite craft stores, I was listening to an 80s song and heard a weird sound. I couldn’t make out what it was, and thought for a second it was part of the song. Nope, wasn’t that. Maybe it was another car or god forbid it was a sound I would need to have checked out by the mechanic. Then the noise stopped, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Then this morning, on the way to McDonald’s, I hit a pot hole in the road (as is likely lately since they’re all over the place), and the noise started again! This time I could make it out. It was the sound of a mooing cow….coming from my trunk. It was repetitive and it sounded like one of those toys you flip up and down to get the noise to come out. My mom had given me a box of stuff to take to Salvation Army. I looked in the box but there seemed to be just fabric and clothes in there. When I got home and told my mom about it, she had a hard time believing that I heard what I heard. She thought the glass pebbles she had in one of the bags was brushing up against a plastic vase. Now I know that sound is a tricky thing, but I trusted my sense of hearing in this situation. So I went back outside to my trunk, took out everything from the box of stuff to give away but was still baffled. Then I started thinking that the box was pushing something or leaning on something that would cause the noise. So I looked in my trunk and, low and behold, this is what I found:


I found Bessie-Lynn last year at the store and just had to buy her for my key chain. Unfortunately those types of toys break off from the main key chain and that’s what happened. I thought she was lost forever. She has a button on the top of her head, so whenever the boxes shifted in the car, the pressure must’ve activated her mooing rant. Sounded like this only, as I said, more repetitive:


5 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the “Uh Duh” Variety

  1. Too cute and too funny about the computer and the cow! The cows have come home!

    I got one of those flip cow toy thingies as a fun gift from a friend in corn country Illinois. I luved that thing!

  2. One time I thought that my car was backfiring. I kept hearing the noise all afternoon one summer. Turns out it was the case of soda that I forgot to take out of the trunk exploding – one by one- back there.

    Don’t feel bad about the port, I didn’t know there was one on mine for about a year either.

  3. Churlita: It was an awfully strange, unexpected sound to hear coming from my trunk!

    Eros: Whenever I think of those flip toys now I think of the movie “Constantine”. One of his friends collected those noise makers.

    Laura B.: It was funny and relieving to see that little animal in my trunk after the big mystery! Made me laugh.

    Suze: Ha, thanks that makes me feel better! :-)

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