Hace Frio!

I’d like to thank Sesame Street for helping me with the blog title. A few years ago I happened to catch a bit of an episode while watching TV and a puppet..not sure if it was Elmo or one of his buddies, was singing about it being cold outside and repeated the line, “Hace frio!” throughout the song. The actual translation is “It makes cold”, but just go with it.

Anyway, the lovely people over at Friday5 have provided us with an updated meme for Friday. Yay! It’s called “It’s Cold”, hence my blog title.

1. What’s your favorite frozen heat-and-eat food?
– Chinese food leftovers and microwavable Thai noodle soup

2. How sensitive are you to cool temperatures?
– Well I’m not a big glove person, I can handle moving around in the cold most of the time without wearing any. And unless a freezing wind doesn’t whip through and freeze off my ears, I can go without a hat too.

3. How many ice-cube trays are there in your freezer?
– Four: two blue (came with the apartment edition fridge) and two white trays. Don’t be jealous of me, please.

4. What aspect of your life seems to be frozen in place?
– My independence, but frozen is kind of a bad word for it, I love my independence, love living on my own!

5. What’s your favorite blanket like?
– I prefer my turquoise, down-alternative comforter to any blanket.


5 thoughts on “Hace Frio!

  1. Churlita: It’s amazing, though, how the sun shining in cold weather can make it seem more bearable.

    Laura B.: I say you can have Thai noodles in the morning. I haven’t, but it could be done. :)

    Eros: I like cool weather only at night, because trying to sleep in hot, humid weather is so difficult.

    Comforters are so much better than itchy blankets!

    I luv cool weather; but I’m with you on the wind thing; I hate wind in winter weather.

    FW: Chinese leftovers just taste so good, don’t they?

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