No Hope of Turning into a Stagecoach

I’m about to shut down and go to bed, but before I do I wanted to share the following photo with you:


This pumpkin has been sitting on my balcony since Halloween. At the time, I meant to carve it into a Jack-o-Lantern but just lost the mood for it. I figured it would be a smooth, transitional decoration for Thanksgiving, so I kept it out there. Winter came…The long, long Winter. I tried to pick the pumpkin up to throw out last week, but it was frozen to the ground. Not just to the ground, it was frozen solid. So I left it there. But this weekend I think I will put it to rest, if I can pry it loose from the cement. Wanted to take a photo of it, first, so there it sits.


4 thoughts on “No Hope of Turning into a Stagecoach

  1. Eros: Thanks for the luck! It’s been warmer lately, so I don’t think it’ll be frozen to the ground anymore.

    Churlita: Thanks, yeah, I think I’ll be doubling up on the garbage bag for that thing.

    Laura B: It is pretty nasty, isn’t it? :D

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