List Your Annoyances Day

Got annoyances today? Wanna talk about them? I’m listening…er..reading. Here are mine at the moment, in no particular order:

– A weak vacuum cleaner
– The voice on the phone that yells, “WE’RE SORRY YOUR CALL COULD NOT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED! PLEASE CHECK THE NUMBER AND DIAL AGAIN!” The guy sounds like the crazy CPA I worked for a long time ago.

– Seeing little kids in the apartment hallway without a parent nearby. Suddenly I feel like I should be watching out for them. Last weekend during laundry day, there were three little kids playing near the elevators. The oldest girl had roller skates on and headed towards the stair door. I told her to be careful. “I will!” Then they followed me into the laundry room and cheerfully greeted me. They’re cute kids, really, I just don’t like the idea that they’re unsupervised and anything could happen. Kids go missing way too often for people to not take precautions. And in a six-story apartment you’re going to be careless? (shiver) Anyway, the girl started skating around again and the next thing I knew she fell on the floor. I asked if she was okay and she said in frustration as she was getting back up, “Yes.” Then they eventually left and I finally saw their mom head down the hall to yell at them.

– People who leave their junk mail on the shelf in the mail room, when the trash can is in the same room.

People who don’t clean out the lint traps or they do and they leave the lint balls on the machines when, again, a trash can specifically placed nearby for that kind of trash, is just seconds away.

– We have a limited supply of shopping carts stored in the apartment stairwell just in case people need to use them to take stuff to their rooms. On days I do not need those carts, I see plenty of them. On days where I have bought lots of groceries and need help taking the stuff up to my floor, not one cart can be found.

– Communication problems at work – emailing coworkers with questions, knowing they read those emails but getting zero response back is one huge example right now. Don’t make me have to CC the manager, people! She’ll get Medieval on you.

I’m gonna stop now, but if you were looking for some examples of annoyances, there they are! Tomorrow I will post a list of happy things.


7 thoughts on “List Your Annoyances Day

  1. Churlita: I get so nervous for those kids. Sadly I see them enough on their own that I know they’re from the same family. If I see other kids in the lobby they usually have a parent nearby.

  2. Oh, that is a great list of annoying things.

    Here’s mine:

    1. Loud people on their cell phones–I really don’t need to hear your conversation broad casted to the general public.

    2. Telemarketers, political groups, and other annoying organizations calling me during dinner.

    3. Junk mail.

    4. Litterbugs (I’m totally with you about people too lazy to use the provided trash cans!)

    5. Removing the plastic off CDs, scissors packaging, other similarly packaged products.

  3. Eros: I’m thankful for Caller ID with the telemarketers. If I don’t recognize the number, I’m not answering. Usually they don’t leave a message.

    Oh and yeah, that plastic on CDs and DVDs! Takes almost ten minutes to unpeal a movie or CD.

  4. I have sure had my share of all of those issues! My favorite is unattended kids in the library. I’m talking about people who will leave a seven year old completely alone in a PUBLIC library! Insane.

  5. NoRegrets: Good point! I remember having to collect lint for the art class in high school when we were about to make paper.

    Laura B: A public place is not a daycare, I don’t know why people don’t understand that! Strangers and librarians are not supposed to be used as freelance babysitters.

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