Choir Excitement!

Next Monday during choir practice, we will make a recording of our choir singing “The Star Spangled Banner”. Why? Because we’re sending that recording on to the folks at Progressive Field and if they approve of our recording, we could be singing this year for an Indians game! Woot, how exciting is that?? I’m so psyched about this, but I know we’ll have to take it one step at a time. But still! I was totally beaming when we were handed the music and practiced today.


6 thoughts on “Choir Excitement!

  1. Eros: Yup! Keep your fingers crossed! I’m actually anxious for next Monday to roll around because we’re going for it!

    NoRegrets: Thank you! Thought it was time to change it up a bit. :)

    Churlita: I hope so too, we’ll just have to see! It would be quite a thrill!

    Laura B.: My mom would go ballistic, she is a huge Indians fan and she was so excited that we’d be trying for a spot.

    Manuel: Thank you, yes get those fingers crossed! I will post about our progress on Monday night.

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