Monday is Here So Soon?

– I took my mom to our favorite Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant this weekend to treat her to her birthday meal. We both love that place. This time, I got yelled at by who I believe to be the owner of the restaurant. Our take on it was that she was understaffed that day. She served us well, the food was excellent. One of the best recipes they serve is a Vietnamese crystal roll. Oh….to say it is to die for is the right expression. But I always get confused when ordering it, because a crystal roll is one thing, a spring roll is another. One is fried, the other is not. The one we like is not fried and it has a bunch of veggies wrapped up in an uncooked rice roll and served with a side of dipping sauce. De-fricken-licious. Anyway, my mom said we should order those rolls to go so we could enjoy them later. So I ordered them, forgetting there were other options. “We have shreemp and pohrk,” said the ever-patient lady of the restaurant. “Oh!… you put the shrimp on the side? Or…” I asked confused since we usually order the vegetarian, but I didn’t think of that option. In frustration she snapped back with closed eyes, “No, we no put shrimp on side, we wrap it up!” I was stunned, it’s been awhile since I was yelled at like that. My mom told her we needed the ones with the vegetables in it, and that was all the hostess needed to know so she took our order and disappeared, only to quickly come back with our order. Both my mom and I giggled over being yelled at and understood that this woman was probably understaffed, overworked and frustrated during that particular day. We also ordered shrimp chips which are also nice to eat whenever.

– This Sunday we changed our times again and flipped our clocks one hour ahead. Right now, if we didn’t, it would be 9pm. We’ll get used to this time change and then we’ll have to turn them back later on. But it’ll be awhile.

– Do any of you want a free vacuum cleaner? I’ve had it with the one I have. It doesn’t pick up much of anything. I almost gave it away today, but changed my mind and gave it a chance to improve itself. I’m a cat owner, I realize that I need a vacuum that really performs in those types of environments. I got this one because it was affordable. Now it makes me think I need a Dyson. Anyway, if any of you who don’t own pets need a vacuum cleaner and would like mine. Let me know. Free to one of my friendly neighborhood bloggers.


9 thoughts on “Monday is Here So Soon?

  1. I think all Asian restaurant workers shout like that; actually, most Asians I hang out with shout like that sometimes, esp. around a meal with other Asians. I think it just might be a cultural thing and with English being a second/third language. I luv the spring rolls.

    I, too, dream of owning an expensive but all powerful Dyson, esp. the one with the ball! But I can’t justify buying one when the vacuum I have still works well.

  2. I think I know which restaurant you’re talking about. Is it on Madison Ave. (I can’t remember the name)? If it’s the one I think it is, Evil-E and went there a while back when he was still living there. I loved the spring rolls.

    I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel, so I am not in need of a vacuum at the moment.

  3. I don’t know…I don’t like being yelled at when I’m spending $ somewhere, no matter how overworked the employees are. But you are very kind and understanding and it really doesn’t do any good to get offended over stuff like that. At least the food sounds stellar :-)
    And, if I lived closer, I would so take that vacuum cleaner off your hands! Hopefully though, it will buck up and start performing properly for you.

  4. It could be a cultural thing too. I speak to a lot international students over the phone, and they can be abrupt like that too. Sometimes it’s the language barrier and sometimes it’s just how people of that are speak to others.

  5. Eroswings: I was considering a vacuum today that was made specifically for pet owners. It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be either. Definitely up for consideration.

    AlienCG: No, actually this is a little family-owned restaurant in Berea, Ohio. Nam Wah’s.

    Laura B.: The food was and always is amazing. I also had a chicken and cabbage salad which was really good too. I’m hoping my vacuum cleaner shapes up soon or it is out the door.

    Churlita: That’s possible, and I’m thinking she was in a rush too, because as we were finishing up our meal, more people were coming in for lunch.

  6. Oh, my dream vaccuum is a Dyson. Not tha tI really need it anymore with wood floors….

    My sister in law is Vietnamese. Imagine all that stuff, but homemade. I really should go visit them more often.

  7. Silver: I haven’t tried the shrimp or pork ones yet, but I can tell you the veggie crystal rolls taste amazing. They give you a dipping sauce with it. Kind of like an Italian dressing, but different, if that made any sense.

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