Spare Some Change?

This week’s word, “change”, was brought to us by Mister Manuel! As a change of pace, I only posted one photo this time. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Save the Quarters for the Vending Machines!

Save the Quarters for the Vending Machines!

Up until a month ago, I had to save up quarters to use for laundry day. They wouldn’t accept any other change, just quarters. So every week I would either hit the change machine, scrounge for change in old purses I had in my closet, clean out the purse I have now and sometimes my mom would be able to give me quarters. It was a sad state of affairs. Then there was a change. We received new laundry machines that didn’t ask for change, but we could use a money-loaded card seen in this photo underneath my quarters. That card is so nice. Now I can use my quarters for other things, like the snack vending machines!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Spare Some Change?

  1. That’s a great change. I have an old 70’s washer and dryer in my apt. I don’t miss going to a laundry room. But when I did go, it was nice to be able to wash all my laundry at once.

  2. I took the same path but on a larger scale since I never had to use quarters to do my laundry. Nice artsy photo to show the transition from quarters to card.

  3. Nice foto and congrats on the new card operated washers and dryers! You know, I have this idea in my head of what I would do when I buy a permanent place of my own. The first thing I would buy is a washer and dryer set! Furniture can wait!

  4. Laura B.: Well we are Blogthings twins! :) It is so nice to not have to carry quarters around with me on laundry day.

    Churlita: I would prefer my own washer and dryer, but on the other hand, if the ones in the laundry room break, someone else is responsible for fixing it! I’m all for that.

    AlienCG: Thank you! It’s funny, even knowing that I don’t need the quarters I still get excited when I have some on hand.

    Manuel: It is, yes. And if I need to give the dryer more time, I don’t have to scrounge for anymore change. Just flip that card right through.

    NoRegrets: Didn’t notice that, but yes! Changed change.

    Eroswings: I would do that too, and if I had the money I would be the ones that steam the clothes so I don’t have to iron them.

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