Take Your Horoscope Seriously Day

The horoscope for my sign, Aries, read today, “You bristle when a friend or relative says something they think is innocuous. Don’t suppress it this time — go ahead and let them have it, but make sure you’re ready to make up soon!” This was great. I had not read this until a few hours ago, but I did stand up to someone today. I didn’t “let them have it” as the horoscope suggests I do, because I know the person who made the comment today at work didn’t mean much by it. He was kind of joking about how I get so nervous during company audits and shrugged off the severity. He made the comment in front of our school director about my being nervous during every audit. “Bristle” is a good word for how I felt, but it wasn’t something I could deny. I am a nervous wreck more than ever during that time, only because audit “visits” are usually built up so much and I fear some unknown, terrible punishment for an imperfect file. I stop myself and think, “Honestly, Tara, get a grip! What’s the worst that could happen?”

Well….they could find some horrible, miniature, anal retentive mistake I accidentally overlooked, I would get written up, punished, tortured, tarred, feathered, fed to the alligators…. or worse…fired. I would spend the next five to ten years looking for office jobs where their main duty is filing and, finding out about my horrible “write up” and audit mishaps, I would be shunned by the administrative community….then eventually shunned from society only to wander the streets alone with a Walmart shopping cart filled with aluminum cans and stray cats, begging for change (shiver). I won’t let that happen! Not like that!

Anyway, silly as it may seem, his joking about my nervousness stung more than I thought it would, so later in the day (after lunch) I calmly told him that his comment disturbed me and informed him that maintaining the files is part of my job and I take it seriously, so of course I’m going to be nervous about an audit where they can be so picky. We were told they would be picky on the font type of paperwork this time! Need I say more? Holy crap and a half.

Well I confronted my coworker and he actually did authentically apologize for making the comment. Then once that was in the clearing and I had expressed everything that bothered me about the comment, we were able to focus our energies on other stuff. No swear words, no mud slinging, just calm communication and a bit of laughter. It’s allllll good….For now, until the next saga!

5 thoughts on “Take Your Horoscope Seriously Day

  1. Good for you for letting him know that his comments bothered you! I think having your work examined is incredibly nerve wracking. All of your co-workers should feel glad that you’re so conscientious.
    BTW, that is a pretty funny horoscope.

  2. Honestly, I think confrontations with coworkers are the worst kind. Working with someone you’ve had a blow up with in the past is ackward and it often leads to more blowups.

  3. Laura B.: Thank you! Usually if I wait long enough, I just let those things go, but I had to tell him this time.

    Churlita: I usually have a hard time confronting people too. In fact I panicked a bit when he was face to face and couldn’t think of the right word to use to tell him I was bothered by what he said, so I used “disturbed” but that worked too.

    Silver: That’s actually the way it is with my coworker and my boss right now. They only talk to each other when they really, really have to, but otherwise they avoid each other. Things were fine with me and my coworker, we didn’t have a huge shout-out, just a quiet discussion.

    Eros: Oh don’t get me wrong, the egos are amok in that office, but yes it was nice that I could explain myself and have him actually listen and consider what he said wrong.

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