Shoulda Looked at the Lyrics Awhile Ago!

While I was at work today, the song “Don’t Bring Me Down” by Electric Light Orchestra came on. I was still baffled over one section where they sing, “Don’t bring me dowwnnnn…” and then after that they roll their “r”s to say a word that sounded like the name Bruce. I’m not alone in thinking this, either. They made fun of the song on “I Love the 80s” and were asking, “Why would they be singing about a guy named Bruce?” Well today I finally had enough of the mystery, so I looked up the song’s lyrics.

They sing, “Don’t bring me dowwnnnn…(grrrosss!)” Ah ha! The word they roll out is “gross”! Still weird, but ah ha nonetheless! Anyway, if you want to hear it for yourself, here’s a video for you. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Shoulda Looked at the Lyrics Awhile Ago!

  1. That is weird–though a small part of me thinks it would’ve been interesting if it was Bruce!

    I mishear lyrics all the time…for a long time, I thought that Boy George song went “Come on Come on Come on to me Leon”, not Karma Chameleon.

  2. I still don’t get it. Gross? Why is it gross?

    Actually, I like “Four Little Diamonds” by them a lot more. Also, how did I never know that Jeff Lynne was the leader of this band? He, of course, is a mainstay in Tom Petty’s band.

  3. Manuel: Well yes, when someone corrects our lyrics, it is different. Cocky people. I like misread lyrics too.

    Eroswings: Certainly sounds that way, doesn’t it?

    AlienCG: The word “gross” is a strange word for them to use, definitely. Certainly sounds like “Bruce” to me.

    Dmarks: Oh yes, I’ve heard the misheard lyrics of the Jimi Hendrix song. Ya never know.

    Churlita: My local station plays that song many times and I like waking up to it now and then.

    Laura B.: Isn’t it weird that the word would be “gross”? It sounds more out of place than “Bruce” would!

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