Pony Tail = Harley Owner

Last week I wasn’t able to go to choir because of work. This time, I was able to leave work at a normal hour and then later go off to sing.

It was colder than cold today and tonight, and I really should’ve known better than to just dress in a short sleeve top and some jeans, but I didn’t think that far ahead. Didn’t realize that, even though the church we practice in is more humid than the Amazon rain forest during the Summer, that it would be colder than a tomb in the Winter. Anyway, the Cackler teased me about my short sleeve choice a few times. Then decided to taunt the guy in front of me. She went over to him and said, “Did you realize your pony tail is still in your collar, or don’t you care? Tee hee!!” It was hard to read from my angle whether he was trying to humor her or what, but they did start chatting. The Cackler said, “You have a Harley, don’t you?” She guessed right. The guy asked, “How did you guess?” to which she replied “Your pony tail! TEE HEE!!”

Anyway, when I finally got home tonight, I took a lovely, hot shower and now I’m back to what Kramer from “Seinfeld” calls his core temperature. Much better.

Also today I had a wave of refurbished confidence. An auditor will be visiting us later this week so everyone is getting things in order. Last week I was told that I didn’t provide a receipt for something our department purchased for an event. I tore my folder apart, looked through my desk, even emptied out my purse. I also went to the shop we got the original receipt from, but they don’t print those types out anymore. We prepared for further follow up today, but as I was rummaging for the second time through my file o’receipts, my coworker came in beaming from ear to ear and said she found my receipt. I had given it to the proper people afterall and had not lost it irresponsibly. Do I need to elaborate on how much I worry about that kind of thing? Although that little drama didn’t consume my entire weekend, I did worry about it off and on. So knowing that I had not lost it made me more confident in my own file maintenance.


9 thoughts on “Pony Tail = Harley Owner

  1. Hooray for a job well done! I’m so glad you were vindicated and your reputation as a great worker remained intact. Hot showers are heavenly! I take almost a half hour sometimes under that hot, soothing cascade.

  2. Oooohhhh, the Cackler must be psycho…I mean psychic…no I mean psycho. haha!

    I’m glad they were able to find that receipt. It is very frustrating when the mistakes of others effect your feelings of competancy like that.

  3. The Cackler sounds like a jerk. That’s a bit of a huge leap from pony tail to Harley.

    I hate being cold, but usually about this time of year I get so tired of bundling up and I dress in short sleeves almost out of protest – and then live to regret it while shivering.

  4. The one thing I don’t miss about traveling is hunting down receipts after a long trip. I always tried to keep them straight, but sometimes chaos reigned.

    I’ve been hating these temperatures lately myself. It’s a bit too cold for my liking.

  5. The Cackler is not a real person, is she? You just made her up! She reminds me of the fictional character of Mrs. Barrows in James Thurber’s “The Catbird Seat.” Never read it? It’s a classic short story and rather hilarious…

    A short excerpt or two:

    “Mrs. Ulgine Barrows: “Her quacking voice and braying laugh . . . . had appalled Mr. Martin instantly, but he hadn’t shown it. He had given her his dry hand, a look of studious concentration and a faint smile. ‘Well,’ she said, looking at the papers on his desk, ‘are you lifting the oxcart out of the ditch?'”

    “…The faults of the woman as a woman kept chattering on in his mind like an unruly witness. She had, for almost two years now, baited him. In the halls, in the elevator, even in his own office, into which she romped now and then like a circus horse, she was constantly shouting these silly questions at him. ‘Are you lifting the oxcart out of the ditch? Are you tearing up the pea patch? Are you hollering down the rain barrel? Are you scraping around the bottom of the pickle barrel? Are you sitting in the catbird seat?’ . . . Mr. Martin dismissed all this with an effort. It had been annoying, it had driven him near to distraction, but he was too solid a man to be moved to murder by anything so childish.”

  6. Manuel: I know! It sucked that I worried about it, and yet it was such a relief when it was found!

    Eros: I love taking the long hot showers, especially when I don’t pay for water in my apartment! But I’ve actually cut down on the length of my showers anyway. They still feel good, though.

    Churlita: Thanks, I am too. The Cackler may be insecure or nervous or both. Or maybe she’s just one of those happy, cackling people that happen to be annoying at the same time.

    Laura B.: She’s a psychic psycho! :D

    Abroad: I almost immediately regretted wearing that short sleeve shirt. Even worse was looking around and seeing a sweater on almost everyone and I envied their comfort.

    Suze: I’m just glad that they did find it and that I wasn’t the one responsible for losing it. I’m in a different department, we’ve got our own things to worry about.

    AlienCG: Chaos does show up with that kind of thing now and then. Just when you think everything is in order…Surprise! I think the cold temps are wearing thin on most everyone by now.

    K_sra: I wish I could say that The Cackler is a figment of my own imaginations (eek, how scary!) but she is very, very real. I wish you could experience it in person one of these days. Maybe I should bring my mini recorder to a practice? Hmm.

    Wow, I think I’ll see if I can get that book! It sounds like Thurber has experienced someone exactly like The Cackler!

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