Saturday Scavenger Shots: End

Hey welcome to Saturday, everyone! AlienCG chose “end” to be this week’s word for Saturday Scavenger Shots. Let’s get to it!


There’s a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel. Actually there are lights even IN this particular tunnel at the airport in Detroit, Michigan.


Here is the caboose of an antique, toy train my mom used to have (she later sold it for a lovely price on Ebay). Seeing a caboose (preferably a red one) at the end of a train usually signified the end of a long wait while the train passed.

Cat Buddies: Claudia (R.I.P.) and Skittles

Cat Buddies: Claudia (R.I.P.) and Skittles

Little Snoozer: Joshua as a Kitten

Little Snoozer: Joshua as a Kitten

Finally, the last two photos are of cats who are chilling at the end of a long, stressful day of eating, sleeping, playing, etc. Our late cat Claudia curled up with alive-and-kicking Skittles and then my mom’s cat Joshua when he was a kitten, curled up on Skittles’s favorite chair.

That is the end of my posting for Saturday Scavenger Shots. I look forward to finding out about the next word!


10 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: End

  1. Very good representations of ends. I’ve seen the tunnel in Detroit, too and it is pretty cool looking. I’m impressed that you found a way to bring cats into this post.

  2. Laura B: Thank you! I was just astounded by that tunnel when I went in there. I loved that airport, it was so cheerful. I wish I could sleep like cats too. They always look so comfy.

    AlienCG: I haven’t posted a photo of any cats recently (or not recently enough at least), so it was time to bring them into the Scavenger Shots.

    NoRegrets: Thanks! Yeah, that was a very cool tunnel.

  3. Churlita: My mom gets so mad at that little kitten sometimes (now that he’s grown), but then just when she’s had enough of him she sees Joshua sleeping peacefully on her bed and she mellows out.

  4. The picture of the tunnel gave me the heebie-jeebies! I know that tunnel well and used to walk under it twice a week when I used to travel for work.

    I’m always gonna love a kitten picture.

  5. Eros: Thank you! I wish our airport had a tunnel like that, or something entertaining while we all wait for our flights.

    Abroad: Gotta love the kitten pictures. The one of Skittles and Claudia makes me laugh, because Skittles has a worried, scared look on her face while Claudia has her paw wrapped around her. Like she’s saying, “Help me!”

    Ksra: Joshua looks cute to this day when he’s sleeping. It has saved him from getting into trouble many times. How can you stay mad at a sleeping cat?

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