Barely Noticed!

It dawned on me just a few minutes ago that I went through the day without drinking any coffee! I even had to wake up earlier than usual because I had to go to work an hour earlier, and I didn’t stop for coffee once. I drank some water this morning and some club soda, but that was it! How did I celebrate my coffee-free work day? I brewed a pot tonight and am enjoying my first cup of the day. It won’t keep me up, it hasn’t in the past, but it tastes really good right now.

Also, didn’t eat anything all day except for a small bag of baby carrots. Didn’t feel hungry until later on in the day. I was focused on stuff at work, though, more than usual, so maybe that’s what was happening. No time to be hungry or deprived of caffeine.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that with ya.


8 thoughts on “Barely Noticed!

  1. I’ve recently discovered that when I go without coffee, I get headaches. I haven’t had any this morning (but I had some last night which was a mistake) so I’m hoping I can make it through the day without a headache.

  2. You must have had some laser-like focus going on today. I dislike skipping coffee or food….but if I had to choose, I’d probably put off the food. Unless it was chocolate food. Um, yeah, just give me both.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. That’s pretty good! I rarely drink coffee, and when I do, it’s usually because I need the boost (from the caffeine and all the extra sugar and cream I add)! Baby carrots are a great snack!

    I don’t have a coffee pot. So when friends visit and want coffee, I go to gas station down the block and buy some!

  4. Silver: I think part of the trick is that I drink coffee that’s only half caffeine and then only drink fully caffeinated coffee at work. Not sure if that makes a difference.

    AlienCG: It was actually nice to realize I didn’t need it during the day. It was nice to drink some when I got home, though.

    Churlita: I don’t usually get headaches for caffeine withdrawal, I just get sleepy. But I didn’t get sleepy at all this time.

    NoRegrets: Yeah, I’d usually be shaking by then – I’m usually hungry by noon. But I did have the carrots, so I didn’t really go without any food at all. Usually I need more than that, though.

    Laura B.: Well yes unfortunately I didn’t have any chocolate on hand. But yeah, I was working hard on something and it was a nonstop, busy day. Thanks, you have a great weekend yourself! :)

    Suze: I experienced the effects of going from coffee pot brewed coffee to instant coffee once when our coffee maker was broken. Could not concentrate on anything.

    Eroswings: I’ll buy that gas station brew on occasion, but I definitely recommend getting a little coffee maker. There are ones that, if you don’t want a huge pot, you can buy ones that brew four cups or just one. It saves money.

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