Because March Is Just ‘Round the Corner

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having an awesome week so far. I feel like it should be Friday now, but no. Thursday will be here soon, though! Thursday is there for us.

Anyway, it is that time of the month. No, not that time of the month…THAT time of the month where I ask you for holiday ideas for the next month. And what a lovely month it’ll be! March is full of hope. More importantly, somewhere within that month we have the promise of Spring. So if you have any wacky, zany holiday ideas I want to read about them so I can post them up here. Any birthdays? Anniversaries? Post em up! I can’t promise you that there will be a post everyday, but I sure will try harder.


This is a photo of my brother K when they visited late last year. We ran through the halls of our high school and we bust down the double doors, just like John Mayer sang about. It was an awesome day, we went playground hopping and then the two of us were very pleased and a little scared that it was too easy to walk through Lakewood High School’s cafeteria and into the hallways on a Saturday afternoon. But it rocked. Same school, same funky smell and with a twist of creepy isolation since there weren’t any classes going on (just a fitness fair in the cafeteria). Anyway, my brother who has been an alumni for much longer than I have, remembered his homeroom AND where his locker was located! My memory was lost in those departments, although later on after we left the school I was able to visualize that my locker was on the first floor. So this is my dearest brother displaying his homeroom entrance with pride.


8 thoughts on “Because March Is Just ‘Round the Corner

  1. Since March 17 is St Patty’s Day, how about making March 7th Lucky Charms Day–eat Lucky Charms on that day.

    And maybe on March 10, take all your dimes (and loose change) and donate them to the March of Dimes or other children’s charity.

  2. I have no clue where my locker was located in high school. Wait…I’m getting a weird memory of it being close to the chemistry room.

    How about a Spring fever day. Where we talk about how we get ready for or celebrate warmth.

  3. AlienCG: Good holidays for sure!

    Eros: Mm, I haven’t had Lucky Charms in a long time, that’s a good idea. So is the suggestion for March of Dimes!

    Churlita: Yeah, my locker was across the way from my homeroom which was used as a biology lab.

    I like Spring fever day, that’ll be nice to celebrate!

    Tim: No, actually we didn’t do Shatner’s birthday, so we could have two Trek birthdays in one month! I like the pointy ears suggestion for Nimoy day.

    Laura B: Oo, I like your holiday ideas, especially the Bollywood day.

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