What’s That Wonderful Sound? It’s the Sound of Friday!

Well thank you for bearing with me during that previous post. When I told you I was tired yesterday…oh believe me I meant it. I felt the familiar feeling of a tension headache start up yesterday. Well at first some of that had to do with the fact that I was interviewing a student and he had practically marinated in some kind of potent cologne. He was very professional otherwise and we bonded over a band we both like and that we both like Johnny Depp movies. But I was comfortable with him enough to tell him to tone down on the cologne and I told him it was so strong it was giving me a headache. I wasn’t nasty about it, we both kind of laughed and he apologized. Anyway, once he and his cloud o’cologne left, my senses cleared up. But soon after the tension headache arrived. I haven’t had one in quite awhile. Even with a little dose of Advil I still felt the dull ache until I went to bed.

Then today the headache came back. I was finally able to go home, eat and take a shower and the headache went away! It’s amazin’ what a little R & R can do for something like that.

Also was happy to catch the mail person both yesterday and today who delivered most of the goodies I bought for myself off of Amazon. I was rocking to the “Slumdog Millionaire” soundtrack while clearing up my kitchen, and then I plan on watching “Waiting to Exhale” later tonight. Wild night, I know, but I am looking forward to it.

Now what was I so grouchy and frustrated about? Lots of things. I like the fact that I have worked in one place for almost seven years when there have been so many times in the past where I’ve wanted to leave everyone in the dust. But I didn’t, I hung on. I like knowing my job, I like being competent. What I don’t like is when my competency is taken advantage of by new people. Suddenly it becomes a game of, “Let’s see how many things Tara can juggle before she drops something.” Frankly, people I didn’t even know I could juggle.  Anyway, things around the office are not going smoothly. There has been a bubble burst of change ever since late last year. Our department has always been under the microscope in some way or another. We help students and grads get jobs. Well that’s fantastic….when the economy is fantastic. And when everyone knows how to do their job. Now more departments are feeling our frustration and yesterday I felt overly sensitive and paranoid that everyone in our school hated our little department for the dip in employment.

Another thing was that I do not like it when my instructions are ignored. I hate it. I think of it as disrespect, when really it’s just laziness. I’ve been handing out instructions about one important step in our department for as long as I was given the task….so about five years now. I take the time to change deadlines and print out detailed instructions for each person involved. And yet there are still some who do not get it. My new boss even admitted that he didn’t give me some of the stuff I needed because the nearest copier was broken and he didn’t feel like walking down to the next copier.

We were also told that another audit is coming up and some people from HQ will be visiting our campus. On top of that, there is a career fair coming up next week that we’ve been working hard to set up, and I also have been put back in charge of graduation ceremonies. We have a new school director (who is pretty awesome, actually, so that’s not a problem), a new Dean, a new director of our department and there is severe friction between my new manager and my associate who hasn’t quite been there a year.

This morning didn’t start out so good either, I feared I’d be used again and I thought I’d have to stay late to interview somebody. But that was sorted out and I was able to do my damn job and leave a little after five today. I went shopping (still with a headache), dropped a jar of salsa that shattered on the floor, so I told  a store employee about it, then I went home, ate, took a shower and here I am. Whew! That’s my head in a nutshell.

So I am very thankful that it is Friday night with the whole weekend ahead of me like a welcoming relative with open arms.

PS: While I was listening to music and dancing around the kitchen, Skittles was chilling on a dining room chair. Now she’s curled up on that same chair, sound asleep. That is contentment.


8 thoughts on “What’s That Wonderful Sound? It’s the Sound of Friday!

  1. Well I hope that your weekend goes better.. and I love it when our pets are funny and loving and can bring you back down to earth and appreciate the finer things in life..

  2. I absolutely hate having to deal with “office” politics at my job. I would probably love my job (actually, I know I would) if it wasn’t for a lot of my coworkers not being competent, or pretending they aren’t competent. It especially pisses me off when those coworkers are supposedly managers and thus, my superiors. I shouldn’t have to chase them down to do something properly.

  3. That is always the way at work, it seems. There are the slackers and shirkers….and then there are the ones who do not only their own jobs, but also what isn’t getting done by the slackers and shirkers.
    I hope that now you are having a good, headache-free weekend of pure relaxation bliss.

  4. Babybull: Thank you – it is pretty relaxing so far. I love when our pets cheer us up!

    AlienCG: Well I really only said one tame swear word, but yeah so far I’m having a better time this weekend.

    Silver: You’re right, it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth, especially with managers.

    Laura B.: Thank you, I am having a headache-free, blissful weekend! :)

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