A Little Story Before Bedtime

Hey everyone…I’m very tired right now. Tired, nervous, frustrated and de-motivated. That’s right, I used to be motivated and something just sucked that right out of me…that “something” being circumstances at work. So right now, even though I want to give you the best blog post ever, I just don’t quite know what to write about except for one stupid little story about choir. Not really stupid, but pointless.

Our choir director snapped at us the last time we had practice which was a few weeks ago. We were granted the day off for Presidents Day because our Spring concert was pushed back to May 31st or something. You probably didn’t need to know that info, but…you’re welcome. Anyway, back to our director..

That night, the Constant Cackler was in rare form. Not only giggling the way she does, but she was piping up and telling the director that we the sopranos were singing something wrong and she wanted the pianist to play it for us just once. Her dialogue went like this…”(Advice, advice)” (high pitched giggle)…”(Advice, advice)” (high pitched giggle). Seriously, that was her pattern. A few of her friends joined in her crusade until finally our director snapped loudly, “You know what? Let’s just play it the way I want first!”….Silence erupted, people listened and we sounded better. What a concept! He later apologized, but it really wasn’t necessary. Anyone would’ve been irritated by the constant interruptions.

So that’s the story. That is all I have, but I’m hopeful that I will have my spirit back tomorrow since it’ll be Friday. Yay!


7 thoughts on “A Little Story Before Bedtime

  1. Bless your sweet, tired little head. I know the feeling. Drama at work takes far too much energy. Just try to recapture it perfectly in words the next time you have some energy to spare and give us all something to read and enjoy. : ) That kind of helps make it better (just no real names or places, y’know).

    Advice, advice??? Were they high? Also, I love that they got schooled byt the director. That’s what a good choir director does, s/he schools the troublemakers to get everyone to focus. I miss choir!

  2. I hope your reasons for the tiredness, nervousness and frustration aren’t what I fear they may be. Be optimistic, no matter hoow difficult it may be.

    I give the choir director credit, he is the director after all. Good job showing up the constant cackler.

  3. Aw, I am sorry you are having a rough time at work. I’ve definitely felt what you are feeling. I do hope that since it is Friday, you are feeling better…or at least relieved that it is the weekend.

    BTW, I am so glad your choir director snapped at the CC. Sounds like she had it coming. And I know that when I am having a bad day, I always feel weirdly better when someone else gets a little crap too. How small of me, right?

  4. K_sra: Even with that Constant Cackler, choir can be so much fun. But yeah, she kept trying to explain what we were doing wrong, but he wasn’t quite listening. You’d think she would’ve stopped after the fifth attempt and giggle.

    Churlita: You know me, I wouldn’t yell at her, I just closed my eyes and clenched my teeth. The woman who sits next to me gets frustrated with her too.

    AlienCG: It’s a mixture of having too much to do while still hearing rumors of budget constraints. I’m hopeful that things will even out all around and in a good way. And yeah I was glad that he snapped at the people who were trying to direct the choir over him.

    Laura B: Thank you I am feeling much better after leaving work for the weekend. Now I’m ready to watch movies and relax.

    Yes, CC has had it coming for quite some time, but that night she was completely ridiculous.

    Dmarks: I’m thinking that Spring is something other countries experience. ;) Spring has got to come. It’s just got to….right? A Soprano facing off with one of our sopranos would be something I’d like to see.

    Babybull: Hi! Thanks, although saying, “Shut the hell up” probably wouldn’t have had the effect I was hoping for.

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