Thank You, Presidents, for the Three-Day Weekend

I was just straining to think of what I did on Friday afternoon. I had the afternoon off so my mom and I went to the Home & Garden Show. On the way to my mom’s place, though, I had to apply my brakes and I heard some unsettling noises from them which made me unsettled. So before we went to the show, we dropped my car off for the mechanic to check out. Turns out he had to replace the brake pads but the price for the whole thing wasn’t nearly as much as I thought it would be, which is always a nice thing.

Anyway, we went to the show and were both kind of disappointed. The last time there were more houses to go into – they had Dorothy’s house from “Wizard of Oz”, Monet’s house and a few others. There was just more going on last year than there was this year. But we walked around a bit and bought a few things from the vendors who were set up. My mom bought some grass seeds and I splurged and bought a jacket that looks like a hoody but has some white and navy blue flowers embroidered here and there..Some are on the back, a few are on the hood itself. It was pretty enough to catch my eye, so I bought it. I don’t have many hoodies in my closet, but the last one I favored got splashed with bleach. So in a flash it became an “around the house” hoody.

Saturday I worked, but it went really fast. I did get some positive feedback from a student while I was putting stuff up on our bulletin board. I changed it up a bit and he noticed and was happy. My soul rejoiced. No actually all sarcasm aside, I did like feedback from a student.

Checked my account on Sunday and realized I got my Federal refund already! Although I’m saving a big chunk of it, I did buy some stuff off of Amazon which will be coming soon.

– The soundtrack to “Slumdog Millionaire”

– A new VHS tape of Denise Austen’s “Super Stomachs” (the one I had broke in the VCR). Laugh if you will about my ordering a VHS tape, but I loved that tape, that fifteen minute workout was perfect.

– Ordered a book for my mom

– DVDs included “Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte”, “Waiting to Exhale”, “The Shawshank Redemption” (can’t believe I don’t already own that one), “The Queen” and “Saving Grace” (a wonderful comedy/drama from the UK)

Also on Sunday I had the urge to get some fresh air. So I gathered up my MP3 player and went for a walk. For awhile now I’ve been telling myself I should test out the path from home to work to see how long it takes to get there on foot. I estimated about a half hour and was pretty close to that. I’d say it takes about 35 to 40 minutes if you’re counting walking through the parking lot and up to the main door. But then there’s an apartment complex across the street from my work and there’s a pond with a walking path all around it. So I crossed the street and walked that path once then headed back and walked into Walmart to buy a few things.

Didn’t charge my MP3 player long enough, so ten minutes into my walk the music died. No worries, I have enough tunes and random but happy thoughts stuck in my head that was enough to fuel me on. I was proud to be back at home.

Monday was Presidents’ Day so I did not have to go to work. My mom and I went to a few stores at the mall and shopped for some new clothes. I bought a salmon-colored sweater thingy and a brown dress with a little brown and white flowered jacket that goes over. I like it but I must shop for a few more items. It just has to happen like that, people. Both items were on sale, though, it was really nice.


11 thoughts on “Thank You, Presidents, for the Three-Day Weekend

  1. Your weekend sounds great! We didn’t have a long weekend here but I like the short ones lots too!
    Look at you all decked out in your new hoodie looking cool and fabulous for your walk! I love going out wrapped up for walks. We are lucky as where I live it’s surrounded by lovely rambling countryside.
    Hope you are ok.

  2. My kids are off school this week, so I am using up the rest of my year’s leave to spend four days at home – bliss! Today I actually have some time on my own. I like it when I find clothes or books I decide to buy at random and they are on sale, it has a certain pleasure to it. Glad you had a nice day.

  3. I love long weekends when I’m working, but am indifferent while unemployed. I got my taxes done yesterday and will be getting my money around Feb. 27th, so I bought a new toy.

  4. Daffy: I would love to go out walking more if I lived near a rambling countryside! Until then, I’ll be happy to walk around a pond inhabited by geese and ducks. :)

    FW: That sounds like a really nice vacation! When things calm down at work I’d like to take another vacation. Right now it might cause panic.

    AlienCG: I read about your new toy! Gotta love the tech toys.

    NoRegrets: Thank you! It really got my attention, it was so pretty and warm looking at the same time.

    Tim: Although it may seem like a long way off, April will be here before you know it. I can’t believe March is almost just a week away!

    Churlita: They want to provide the element of surprise, I guess. I hope you do get your refund soon!

    Laura B: Thank you! Hey, as long as they still make duel DVD/VHS players, I will not refuse a VHS tape. :)

  5. Suze: Haha..Why thank you! I should probably wear sunglasses with that hoody, right? The seal the whole mystery deal.

    K_sra: I’ll buy the next pitcher of Kool Aid, how’s that? :) Fun for everyone!

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