Gingerly Facts

I hope you all had a fantastic, long weekend! Thought I’d share something with you that I found in a magazine a few days ago.

According to an article in Hallmark magazine discussing the benefits of ginger:

– During the Middle Ages, when exotic spices were highly valued in Europe, a pound of ginger cost the same as one sheep.

– In medieval times, a lady often gave ginger to a knight before jousting tournaments to bring him good luck.

Click here to read about more benefits of ginger root.


6 thoughts on “Gingerly Facts

  1. Laura B: When I first had tea with ginger in it, I broke out in a sweat and I felt really good. Since then I have been a fan. I love lemon ginger tea.

    Churlita: It’s great, isn’t it? When something that’s good for you cooperates and actually tastes good? I’ve never had sushi with pickled ginger, though. Sushi, yes, pickled ginger, no.

    Tim: Don’t be cheap about your sheep! …Wait, that sounds weird.

  2. Thanks for the tidbits. I feel like you’re kind of filling for my void here. I should really start learning something new almost every day again. WE HEART TRIVIA! :)

    Oh, and ditto to Churlita, pickled ginger is tops.

  3. Ksra: Well I got that tidbit from Hallmark magazine, and since I like ginger tea and got a little amused over the fact that ginger costs one whole sheep…well how can you not blog about that, right? :)

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