Chocolate Milkshake – The Sparky Style!

Tim, the experimental and engaging blogger from “Sparky Malarkey” made a milkshake last month that sounded too interesting to not try myself. After unnecessary procrastination, I finally decided to try the milkshake for myself. Here are the ingredients:

– One blender

– Two to Three Scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream

– Three chocolate-covered biscuits (they’re called “Hob Nobs”, and can be found in most grocery stores – I found them in the aisle labeled “Ethnic” and in the “European” section of the shelves). I tried one of them tonight while preparing the shake and they are really good! Reminds me of chocolate covered graham crackers)

– One glass of milk

Put the milk, ice cream and Hob Nobs into the blender and blend the bejabbers out of everything until all is liquified.

Pour into a tall glass and drink.

Tim's Chocolatey Shake

Tim's Chocolatey Shake

Here it is, poured carefully into a glass I had painted for Christmas about three years ago. It was a very good shake! You might have to be careful, as some of the biscuits still settle to the bottom of the glass and there is a malty, frothy film that settles on top. But don’t let that scare you off, it is a successful, tasty experiment for a Tuesday night or any night you want to try it. Thank you for the recipe, Tim!


7 thoughts on “Chocolate Milkshake – The Sparky Style!

  1. Hurrah! My first milkshake disciple! Glad you enjoyed it Tara – looks like you did a wonderful job of blending it all up!

    I love the fact that Hob Nobs, and Europeans in general, were listed under ‘Ethnic!’ Makes them (and us!) sound mysterious and intriguing!

  2. Suze: Mm, Hershey Kisses would be a very tasty replacement too!

    Laura B.: I hope your experiment was a delicious success! “It’s alive!” Hehe.

    FW: After tasting one, I can see how the HobNobs do not last long! I still have some left, but they will be a good snack for tomorrow!

    Tim: Yes, I am your first milkshake disciple. Hehe. I probably should’ve blended it a bit more, but it still tasted really good!

    It’s funny, in the aisle we have “Mexican”, “Italian” and “Asian” and then they group the rest into “European”. I’ve bought lots of good things from that intriguing aisle! :D

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