“5…5 Dollar…5 Dollar Footlongs..”

Daffy from “Almost There” tagged me about a month or so ago to do this meme. You should try it! Basically it’s a resolution list for things you intend or would like to do in the future. You need to list five of them then tag five people. With this resolution/goal list, my first instinct was to list everything I needed to do to change my entire personality – to stop being so nervous about stupid shit, to let go of things, to not be shy anymore and miraculously become a booming socialite over night. That just isn’t gonna happen anytime soon, but I can work on some of those things. Never say anything is impossible, right?

Here we go:

1. Try to be more social. I’ve always been shy, I’ve blogged about it before. I like being around my friends, but I clam up and stop participating in the conversations, especially if it’s late and I’m tired. Gotta change that. Drink more coffee or something.

2. Don’t Let People Intimidate Me – There are a few people at work, especially, who come off very abrasive, only because they aren’t afraid of confrontation. They will burst into the office and say what’s on their mind. It’s kind of admirable, but sometimes it is inappropriate, especially when they don’t always filter it through their heads first before saying something. These people intimidate me.  So if I have to talk to them about something, I stumble through my words. I don’t know how to really fix that kind of thing completely and right away, but I need to realize that they have no right to make me feel inferior.

3.  Redecorate my apartment – maybe move a few things around that have been in one place since I moved in, which was about four years ago.

4. Sign up for more community classes. There is a dance class I have been putting off signing up for just out of laziness. But it’s a salsa class and it sounds like fun.

5. Read more books. I feel behind the times when almost all of my friends and relatives read book after book. I just don’t feel like reading, I’d rather blog. So maybe less blogging and more reading? Eh….or less exercising more reading? No that doesn’t sound right either…But I do need to read more books.

I tag these people: Ksra, Tim, T-Bird, CyberPete and IDV


8 thoughts on ““5…5 Dollar…5 Dollar Footlongs..”

  1. I need to read more books as well. I used to be an obsessive novel reader, and now I mostly read blogs. I love blogs, but I need to make more time for novels, because reading them makes me a better writer.

  2. I am right there with you on being more social and not letting people intimidate me. Some people would have problems believing how hard those resolutions are!

    And you should definitely sign up for salsa dancing! That sounds amazing!

  3. Churlita: My mom goes through books so fast. She ordered a book last week, received it on Saturday and was already halfway through it when the week started. I would still be on the first few pages.

    Laura B: I definitely plan on signing up for the dancing. The course catalog has been lying on my couch doing nothing since I got it in the mail.

    K_sra: One of those goals should be to finally have a movie night with your best friend the closet slut. :D

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