Some Random Childhood Memories

The dumbest insult I ever got in school did not come from a boy who thought it was fun to make fun of the scar on my face. It was from a girl in gym class who decided to start calling me “Little Slut”. From what I can gather, it all started when we were all sitting on the floor in gym class on the first day of school. Can’t remember which grade, I just know we were in junior high. The girl next to me was talking to her friend, and then I heard her say to me in a sarcastic way, “Nice hair.” I was self conscious back then (no really!) and I glanced at her with a questioning, angry look. Her book bag was near my foot, so she grabbed it and snapped at me, “Little slut.” Um what?? “Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?” It alarmed me, but the more I thought about it the more it amused me. She called me that name a few more times as we’d cross paths during that year, but I never found out why she called me that name of all names. It was against my style to just confront her and ask her why in holy hell she decided to give me that name. It wasn’t as bad as the “scar face” remark from the other kid, though, but it was just so ridiculous! My friends never understood why she called me that name either. It is still a mystery to me, but the memory popped into my head earlier tonight.

When I was very, very young…during the age when I was still trying to master the English language (actually still trying on some days), I guess I fooled my parents into thinking I could not yet form a complete sentence. We were driving around the streets of Lakewood one day, and drove near a huge office building.  According to my mom, I blurted out, “Wow, that’s a big building!”  My mom and dad were flabbergasted. My mom said that I must’ve been storing up the words for awhile and just didn’t find it necessary to talk much until that exact moment. And to this day I will not speak unless I drive past a big building.


Remember when I said I had a collection of pins from when I worked at McDonald’s? Well here they are, all scanned and gathered together. If you want, you can click on the image for a larger view. CyberPete asked me if I still had the pins and yes CyberPete I do! My favorites are the seasonal pins, especially the one that reads, “McBoo”.


10 thoughts on “Some Random Childhood Memories

  1. They called me so much in school but nothing strikes me as being odd. I only wonder why they picked on me. I guess I was just different and kept to myself.

    Your pins are awesome! The ones they have in Denmark these days are so boring.

  2. it was probably the worst thing she could think to call you. Usually, boys call girls fat and/or ugly, because in their heads it’s the worst thing they can think to call a girl. With junior high girls, it must be slut. In middle school, it’s all diversionary. Hey, look at her, so, you don’t see me and start calling me names. I’m so glad my girls are done with junior high.

  3. Silver: That one really baffled me. Makes me wonder if that’s what she calls everyone who she disapproves of. No idea.

    Cyberpete: When I think of it now, things could’ve been much, much worse. I’ve only heard a few very unpleasant things about me in school, and it was mostly compacted into middle school.

    And thanks, I’m glad you like the pins! I was so glad I hung onto them.

    Churlita: I’m relieved for your girls, myself and everyone who has graduated from and finished junior high. I remember a girl teasing me for constantly pushing my hair behind my ears. Was that all she had on me? Sheesh. Kind of a compliment, really!

    NoRegrets: It would be nice, but I looked them up on Ebay and although there are bids on a few, they aren’t selling for much at all.

    Tim: MaccyD UK is missing out! They need to revamp the whole establishment. And start selling RedEye.

  4. Oh boy, the name calling…it never made much sense as far as I could tell. But that one does seem especially uncalled for!

    LMAO at your talking story…you could take that right on Letterman and tell it just like that, I swear.

    And I love your pins too. What a very eclectic post :-)

  5. Bwaahahahahaha! Slut??? Talk about reaching into the grab bag! That kills me. I always secretly thought of you as a slut, Tara. Sort of a closet slut, who shows absolutely no outward signs of slutiness. At all. Ever.

    Holy cow that’s funny. : )

  6. Laura B: Thank you, it was an eclectic kind of post, wasn’t it? Yeah, middle school was not my favorite stage in my quest for education.

    Ksra: Only true friends like you know me as a closet slut. Hehe. Isn’t that ridiculous, though? Talk about a girl who didn’t know me whatsoever!

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