Saturday Scavenger Shots: Options

Happy, happy Saturday everyone! It is time once again for Saturday Scavenger Shots! Ms. Ksra and Squiggles of “You Learn Something New (Almost) Everyday” chose the word “options”. Here are my photos:

Options for Stylin'

Options for Stylin'

When I want to style my hair, I have these options. Actually I have another bottle too, but I took this photo awhile back.

Options for Movie Day/Night

Options for Movie Day/Night

When I’m in the mood for a movie, I have options there, too. It’s also nice to watch a movie while I’m exercising on the bike. Commercials are not an option.

Stay tuned for next week! Enjoy the hell out of your weekend!


5 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Options

  1. I tried exercising while watching TV/Movie and I can’t do it. There’s no rhythm, no beat, nothing to motivate me. I use my iPod and some good, upbeat music.

    Impressive movie collection, thanks for sharing.

  2. AlienCG: I’ll use music when I’m walking as exercise. It does help a lot. But while I’m on the bike, I have to focus on watching something and then it seems the time goes by very quickly.

    Laura B.: Yeah, it was tough to find something good on TV the other day.

    NoRegrets: Thank you! Yup, that’s right! I love my VCR/DVD combo.

    Churlita: There’s a good mixture of movies in my collection.

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