“Hiver vous n’êtes qu’un vilain.”

The title of this post is from a French song we sang way back in high school. It translates to “Winter, you are a villain.” Just looked it up on a website and learned it could also translate to “Winter, you are unpleasant.” I love the song, it’s very angry and pretty at the same time. Course I had no idea how much Winter could be a villain at that time, because I didn’t have to drive a car.

Today was another one of those white-knuckled mornings after I woke up and realized we were presented with the gift of more snow. Literally bumper-to-bumper traffic, too. What usually takes me ten minutes to get to work took almost a half hour. I finally braved the less plowed shortcut and finally was on my way. I felt brave and victorious. What was funny and probably made me a little less tense on the road was that the song “Electric Avenue” was playing on my cassette player. “We gonna rock on to electric avenue, and then we’ll take it higher.” Remember that song? Love it. Anyway, once I was safe at work I actually managed to salvage some wonder for the snow and took a photo of the picnic table in the back of our building where people usually take smoke breaks.

Picnic anyone?

Picnic anyone?

The ride back home wasn’t any picnic. That was more treacherous than the ride to work. Some guy thought that, with the traffic coming at him, including my car, it would be a good time to pull out into traffic. Well by the time he/she decided it was a bad idea, I had mistakenly slammed on my brakes, only to swerve left, right, to and fro. No collisions, though. But dang it if I didn’t look  in my mirror and see a bunch of SUVs way too close for comfort considering the streets were encrusted with icy snow. Why people? Why must you hug bumpers during this snowy month? I realize your truck is bigger and good for you. Is it a power trip to hover over the smaller cars like the stench of impending doom? WTF? Get off my freaking bumper you crazy mother fu….(deep breath)…I’m okay now. ;)

I have to say, the swear words that left my mouth at that moment today must be floating around in the air somewhere. So don’t be scared if you hear them sometime during the night.

Oh and before this current “lake effect” magic, we had that other snow storm. Here is a photo my mom took of me standing in front of one of the snow heaps. Course this was after the plows pushed all the snow higher, but still. It’ll take awhile to melt that thang. The snow heap, not me.

The Snow and I

The Snow and I

And finally, here is my drawring of the evil, fat groundhog who screwed us yet again this year. Just once I’d like the animal to come out and actually have the power to shorten the Winter season. Just a smidgen.

The Evil Groundhog

The Evil Groundhog

I felt I needed to point out that this drawing was of a groundhog. He looks a bit like a cat. But then again every animal I draw comes out looking like a cat. Hmm. Weird.


9 thoughts on ““Hiver vous n’êtes qu’un vilain.”

  1. People in Texas can’t drive in the snow or rain. A lot of accidents happen for the same reasons you say: Too close to other cars and not thinking about driving slow. Even worse, our state transportation dept has no idea how to tackle snowy/icy roads. No one thinks to buy salt for the roads.

    The picnic table looked to me like a sofa at first. That’s such a fun picture of you by that snow hill. I’m glad you’re skilled enough to maneuver the icy road hazards. The groundhog drawing is cute! He looks like he just wants to go back to bed.

  2. Snow has been on my mind a lot lately, I put some photos on my site. I drove in it on Monday morning and happy to say that other drivers were quite considerate in keeping their distance and moved at a safe pace. More snow is forecast here for tonight and tomorrow: great for my wife and kids who get time off with school closures but I still have to work. I like your hat and coat, you look warm!

  3. Oh my goodness. Driving in snow sounds so scary. People here drive like morons in the rain, I can only imagine what they’d do in the snow.

    I agree with eroswings, at first glance I thought that snow covered picnic table was a couch! And I agree with FW that your hat and coat are excellent :-)

    As for your groundhog, he’s gonna kick some butt and take some names!

  4. Churlita: Funny what that “Lake Effect” can do, isn’t it? A strip of Ohio was hit with a freak storm about a week before that one, but my mom didn’t get any of it and she lives 15 minutes away.

    Eros: People forget that driving rule in both elements. You’re supposed to keep, I think, a one or two-car distance between you and the other driver during rain or snow if you can help it. Oh well. The most we can do is be very cautious.

    Regarding the photo, yeah it does look like a sofa! It would be a little chilly to lie down on, though.

    FW: I need to check out your site, I’ve been neglecting it! I heard that there was a generous deal of snow in the UK. I’m glad your drivers were more considerate. We need that everywhere. Oh and thank you about the hat and coat! They do keep me very warm. :)

    Laura B. : I was tempted to sit on that picnic table like that, but didn’t really want to ruin the appearance of it. But it does look like a sofa! And thank you too about the hat and coat. We have to gear up for that kind of white stuff and I love that coat especially. Yes, my groundhog is tough and vengeful.

    Tim: Yeah, but your snow looks all fresh and clean. We have a little left of that too, but most of it is dirty from the plows.

  5. I like your cathog drawing. : )

    I curse like a sailor on the road. I’m really trying to unlearn that habit. Your bad words and mine are probably behind the school, smoking and fighting.

    Glad you are safe. Villain indeed!

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