Super Friday Meme

This meme from Friday5 has way too much football lingo in it for my taste, but once you get through all that, there is a question after each one. I will not be among the masses who watch the big football game this weekend. I don’t know much about it, except it’s the Steelers vs. Cardinals. I can’t even keep track of the innings in a football game or the quarters of a baseball game. Heh. I love playing stupid, especially around my mom. She’s a big sports fan and a devoted Cleveland Browns and Indians fan. It throws her when I ask her, while she’s watching a football game, which inning they’re in at the moment. A long, exasperated sigh comes out of her. Makes me smile in my soul. Muah ha ha. Strangely enough, she never invites me to watch those games with her.

1. In American football, a fumble occurs when the player carrying the ball drops it, often resulting in a great advantage for the other team. What have you recently fumbled in your own life?

– Honestly, I can’t think of anything recently. Not that it means I haven’t fumbled, but at the moment I can’t remember a recent moment. A small fumble would be when I tried to take one of those 3M hooks off of the wall that are supposedly so easy to take off, and I took some of the paint off of the wall. Eek.

2. In American football, you have thrown an interception when someone from the other team catches the ball you meant for your teammate. Who’s often an interceptor of something you intend for someone else?

-I guess my coworkers have a habit of doing that. One of the services we provide is to help a student or grad with resume advice. My coworkers and I don’t exactly share the same opinion on how a resume should look. I’ll make one for a student and my coworker will intercept and make changes that make me cringe. We’ve gone back and forth on this topic for awhile now.

3. One of the severest penalties in American football is for unsportsmanlike conduct, when a player doesn’t play according to the spirit of fair play. In what situations are you most likely to be a perpetrator of unsportsmanlike conduct?

– At work I guess….One of my coworkers, someone who is not really in charge of me, is very bossy. He’ll bark out some orders and I rebel by not doing them. Childish and unsportsmanlike, but I can still sleep at night. What does that mean? Also, when I play a real sport I take it too personally if I suck at the sport.

4. In American football, the concept of running low-risk plays that consistently gain a few yards at a time is called “moving the chains,” while the concept of going after huge gains with higher-risk plays is called the “vertical game.” In your personal life, are you more of a moving-the-chains player or a vertical-game player?

– I’m a “moving-the-chains” player. Sometimes, only sometimes, it is good to be cautious.

5. Sometimes in American football, the quarterback will, at the last moment, change his or her mind about the intended play, either to prevent what is likely to be a failure or to take advantage of a vulnerability in the other team. The method used in this play-change is often “calling an audible.” In what way have you recently called an audible in your life?

– I’m sure I’ve had a few moments in my life where I’ve played an audible. Just can’t think of one particular moment right now.


5 thoughts on “Super Friday Meme

  1. Very nice answers! I like watching sporting events, but I’m not a fanatic about them, except when it comes to the Olympics!

    I think caution is good. I think I’m a little bit of both–I’ve stuck to plans and I’ve taken huge risks. Either it works out or it doesn’t. But we live and learn.

    I luv how you handle your bossy coworker. I try to be neutral and stay out of office politics and gossip. Oh, I listen, but I don’t say anything–good intel on what’s going on behind the scenes. But I try to be courteous and professional, staying out of the drama and petty backstabbing.

  2. LB: I almost forgot about the Friday5! Now I finally have it in my side margin.

    Eros: I don’t always rebel against my bossy coworker, but sometimes he tells me to do stuff when he doesn’t realize I’m in the midst of my own work.

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