Saturday Scavenger Shots: Tapped

It was AlienCG’s turn to pick the word for this week, and the word he chose was “tapped”. So let’s get to it!

Tapped and Filtered

Tapped and Filtered

Here’s my Brita water filter. Just like the commercials said, it was easy to attach to the faucet. The water that flows through the tap is now filtered and ready to drink.

Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

At the end of the day, when both my mental and physical resources are all tapped out, I turn to my lovely bed for a good night’s rest.

Those are my photos for this week’s word. Have a fun and energetic weekend!


7 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Tapped

  1. Perfect K_sra! Because tomorrow is do nothing and don’t feel guilty about it day!!!

    I luv the pics, Tara. Your bed does look comfy and cozy. Those water filters are great! Saves money on buying bottled water and they make drinking water safe.

  2. Laura b.: I love my bed, especially with that down comforter. It comforts me. :)

    K_sra: I do what I can. Muah ha ha.

    Eroswings: Gotta say I’m very happy with that filter. It definitely does save money!

  3. NoRegrets: Thank you, I do love a good set of new sheets. Those are actually mixed, I think the pillow cases were from another set.

    Churlita: It was a challenge, but I managed to pull a few photos together. Hopefully you can do it next week!

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