How Many Times…

…must I hear that stupid song from Nickelback?? I should be more specific…It’s not actually Nickelback, but the the lead singer and Santana. I’m tired of it, but my station seems to love playing it every dang day! What’s up with that?

I’m done ranting.


7 thoughts on “How Many Times…

  1. Because, your station (106.5, right?) is a Top 40 station and is required to play the songs in the Top 40 everyday. Be like me, give up listening to the radio, listen to CD’s, MP3, Tapes, Albums, 8-Tracks, anything else.

  2. Ugh, anything Nickleback makes me want to stick pencils in my ears and destroy my ear drums. Hence the reason that if I listen to the radio-it’s NPR

  3. AlienCG: Yup, that’s the station I listen to. Sometimes, though, they play some really cool 80s songs out of the blue that I haven’t heard in awhile. But each day this week I’ve heard that dang Santa song.

    Laura B.: Thanks – I don’t like the commercials that repeat either. They repeat annoying commercials AND songs. Yikes.

    Suze: Wow, I can’t imagine being stuck with a country song, especially that one!

    Silver: I don’t like listening to NPR, but it’s comforting to hear of another person who doesn’t like Nickelback.

  4. I’m with you. I hate it when they play songs over and over–it kills a song! The worst for me was hearing “It’s been a while” by Staind…I luved listening to it at first, but then the dang radio station played it almost every hour! The next time I heard on the radio, “It’s been a while, ” I was like, “NO! It hasn’t been a while! It’s been like 45 minutes since I last heard you!!!”…Thank goodness for preset radio stations! I can change to them as soon as a commercial or song I don’t like comes on.

  5. Eros: In the car, I’ve resorted to just playing cassettes. I can’t drive while listening to commercials and annoying songs. They did play “It’s Been Awhile” way too many times.

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