February 2009

Thought I’d be brief this time and, without listing the flower or allergy of the month, I would just skip right to the holidays. Thank you all again for your awesome ideas. You brighten my days with those ideas, seriously! Good job! On a side note, I’m grateful that February is a funky month. I forgot we only had 28 days this time. But that’s fine. The closer it gets us to Spring, the better. I’m strangely disenchanted by snow and Winter right now.

1. Do Nothing and Don’t Feel Guilty About It Day
2. Do Something Different from Your Normal Routine Day–Groundhog Day
3. Give Yourself Flowers Day
4. Photo Caption Competition Day
5. Michael Sheen’s Birthday (1969)
6. Pay A Compliment Day (National Compliment Day)
7. Charles Dickens’ Birthday (Born this day in 1812)
8. End an Argument by Asking “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” (Gary Coleman’s Birthday)
9. Green M&M Day
10. Short Person’s Appreciation Day (Blog about Someone Who is Short)
11. Singles Appreciation Day
12. Eat an Apple or an Apple Pie (President Abe Lincoln’s Birthday)
13. Feed the Birds Day
14. Laura B’s Birthday!
15. Lycan Day (or Werewolf Day)
16. National TV Day (Watch as Much TV as Possible)
17. Best Friends Appreciation Day
18. Sign Language Day
19. Wacky Hat Day
20. Ashburnite’s Birthday
21. Blog About the Toothpaste You Use (First woman graduates from dental school, Lucy Hobbs of Cincinnati, Ohio this day in 1866)
22. Eat a Cherry or a Cherry Pie (President George Washington’s Birthday)
23. Boost Up Your Self Esteem Day
24. Vacuum Your Floor and Be Happy About It Day
25. Bodyguard Appreciation Day (Sean Astin’s Birthday)
26. Michael Bolton’s Birthday – Celebrate at Your Own Will (1953)
27. Buy New Bed Sheets for the Hell of It Day
28. Fantasize About Spring Day


8 thoughts on “February 2009

  1. Oh, hurrah! Do Nothing and Don’t Feel Guilty About It Day is right around the corner! I have the WHOLE day all mapped out! So exciting. :)

    Good work, Tara. Another winter month now has consequence and purpose. Shoof! (ditto your winter resentments. I’m SO over winter right now. We should have a luau or something.)

  2. Eroswings: Maybe “Blog about someone who wears shorts” will be a holiday in March or the warmer months. Although there really are some people who wear shorts when it is 2 degrees outside. I’ve seen it. Crazy stuff.

    K_sra: Didn’t even realize that landed on a Sunday! That works out quite well! Thank you for the suggestion.

    AlienCG: Sure, I’m eligible. I’m not only the owner of this blog, I’m also a client….or something like that.

  3. Churlita: I think so too. Yet you know that once we hit warmer weather we’ll be saying it’s too warm. But I’m fine with that now.

    Afran: Most of these are holidays either I or other bloggers have made up. Others are holidays I got off of another site. I’m sure there are more sites out there that do the calendar thing. It’s okay. Thank you for commenting!

    Laura B: It does look like a fun month!

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